Sunday, April 27, 2014

It's A Little Known Fact That Purity Trolls Have A Godhead

He's this guy.

The guy with nothing to offer but helplessness.

Nothing to add but predictions of certain doom.

They fucking love that guy.

Odd, then, they can't even be bothered to take ten minutes to set up their very own online shrines to glorify his name: a cozy little spot where they could repose in the comforting perfume of their own dismal stink extruding one dreary, sour post extolling the virtues of sneering futility after another... until they died of loneliness.

But of course that would not serve His Holy Cause, would it?  Because their wee church of Give The Fuck Up Because Nothing Matters depends entirely on infecting others with their petty pestilence, and you can't really do that off in some dank corner of the internet penning little paeans to despondence that no one wants to hear.

And so we end up trying to make sense of this longstanding internet paradox: How is it that these connoisseurs of disconsolation and impotence also have such bottomless reserves of time and manic energy to squat in Liberal comment sections obsessively preaching their gospel despair?  I mean, if everything is useless, pointless, hopeless -- if we'll never make it out of these caves! -- why exactly are they so fanatically devoted to convincing you that hope is for pussies and change is impossible?

Why not follow their own advice and give up, shut up and go away?

The answer is simple. 

However much they posture as the humble evangels of cynicism and misery, they are, in reality, nothing more than stooges for these guys.

I hope they're getting well-paid.


Monster from the Id said...

Maybe this will convince Pinkamena that you can take care of yourself.

n1ck said...

False-flag concern trolls are just pulling a rear-flank maneuver.

They are coming out in droves to attempt to get fence-sitting libruuuls to sit out the midterm election, because BOTH SIDES!!!!

That is the exact reason they come here.

Oh, they'll put on a good show. They'll read wikipedia and try to throw dog whistles about socialism or anarcho-syndicalism out there to try to pass as lefists, but they're really just libertarians who worship at the alter of RonRand Inc. I men, look at their sheer idolatry of Glenn Greenwald. They worship a blogger who was a fucking Bush-era shill and then call libruuuuls neo-cons!

It's projection, all the way down.

The giveaway is that their argument is essentially that if we just let the Republicans get a supermajority in the Senate, House, and let them have the White House...something something mass social uprising, something something utopian social democracy!

They're selling poison disguised as a tonic to cure all ills. And the tonic is Republican supermajorities in the Federal and State governments. Yeah, that sounds wonderful if you hate war, torture and neo-liberal policies!

DG: You're a much better person than I. If this were my oasis, I'd personally edit their comments every time they post until they go elsewhere to false-flag concern troll.

Anonymous said...

Some states already have conservative R super-majorities. Oklahoma has already considered stopping marriage licenses altogether so the icky homos can't touch them. Here in Florida, someone who presided over massive medical fraud was made governor, and now people are not getting expanded medicaid because deficits cause Hitler, and shrinking government will make everyone wealthy enough to afford Cadillac medical insurance.

The argument I always make is this: Yes, it's "good cop" and "bad cop". However, the bad cop has brought along a pack of hyenas he's beaten and fed gunpowder to make them angry and crazy. The Good Cop knows sane people don't want to deal with Bad Cop, so he gets a free pass. If you can put down the rabid hyenas and take out Bad Cop, then Good Cop will have to argue in good faith.

Besides, Americans have been conditioned by a century and billions of dollars of marketing to be too lazy to revolt. Most of us will just whine and bitch on Facebook, but voting is too inconvenient, so why bother?


Anonymous said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

Didn't you ever see Batman Begins? It's not good enough for Ra's Al Ghul to give up on Gotham and torch the place. He's got to get Batman to help him.

In this analogy, you're Batman. Just make sure you have a good Batman-voice. More Kevin Conroy and less Christian Bale.

Enjoy your day.

---Kevin Holsinger

Monster from the Id said...

About Kevin's post: Does that mean Blue Gal is Barbara (Batgirl) Gordon?

She even has the same initials! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Monster from the Id.

Given Ms. Gal's repeated giggle-fits, I'd be more inclined to go with Harley Quinn, except that Ms. Gal isn't...

A doormat

Other than that, though, it works.

Enjoy your day.

---Kevin Holsinger

Lumpy Lang said...

Droneglass should market himself more aggressively. His shtick could offer great hope for retiring threadbare liberal 'both-siderism' and rebranding the DLC/corporate Dems without in any way restricting their agenda.

After all, they will ALWAYS be less crazy than the other wing of the Property Party.

n1ck said...

Lumpy Lang said...

Nothing. Nothing at all.

Keep at it, RonRand Inc. shill.

Mister Roboto said...

Here comes the Kool-Aid!