Monday, April 14, 2014

Congratulations to The Guardian and The Washington Post

On their Public Service Pulitzer prizes.

They broke a large and consequential story and it would have been nuts for the Pulitzer committee to overlook them.


Anonymous said...

No thanks to Snowden or Greenwald, I'm sure.

bluicebank said...

@ anon:

Snowden, to be sure, was the reason the story broke (but sources don't get Pulitzers). And in this case, neither do the various writer/reporters involved, as it is the Public Service prize that went to the two newspapers. The investigative Pulitzer prize went to Chris Hamby for reporting on how lawyers and doctors colluded to deny benefits to coal miners afflicted with black lung.

Anyway, very glad to see the Pulitzer committee still recognizes the merits exposing shit like this.

Cliff said...

This is going to be very difficult for the local fanatics to hash out through their Loyalty Filters.

Have you joined Charlie Pierce in becoming an unapologetic shill for the treacherous Greenwald and his patsy Snowden?

But how can that be, when you are known far and wide for your advocacy of limitless drone warfare, now and forever, in the name of Emperor Obama?

Kathleen said...

1. Pulitzers have also gone to Thomas Friedman, Kathleen Parker and Maureen Dowd.
2. I was heartened to see so many worthwhile award winners on the list who have performed positive public service.
3. Awarding the Post and the Guardian is a travesty. The "reporting" was non existent and stories were characterized by lies and misinformation.

Lumpy Lang said...

Droneglass didn't want you (or himself) to know what crimes the NSA was up to... and he'd surely perform a men-in-black mind erase if he could.

I suspect these 'congratulations' are offered in sardonic tones.

Lit3Bolt said...

In hindsight, Greenwald's move to the Guardian makes more sense.

I his first 6 months as a Guardian reporter, he's handed super secret NSA docs?

So, I really mean this in a non-facetious way. Look at Greenwald's career. Apparently, being shrill pays the bill. What Greenwald has figured out, however, is to keep your political identity close to your chest, and to follow the money. Yes, follow the money goes both ways...follow libertarian and disaffected Democrats donors who give you cash , then follow the money they funnel to Republican and Democratic candidates who Support Teh War On Terror...which includes every US pol. Very savvy.

So, Driftglass, I agree that Greenwald is a shitty reporter. He needs an editor. He's a lawyer with no background in good journalism, or good writing. But somehow, he got someone to spill the juice to HIM.

That deserves some credit, no matter how grudgingly.