Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Morning Comin' Down -- UPDATE

There is no Art to this silent lying.
 It is timid and shabby.

Also I don't think "new low" means --

-- what crackpot Conservative conspiracy monger Jack Welch thinks it means.

Being a CEO and world-class asshole, I believe what Welch objects to is someone daring to say something which contradicts his own, insane worldview.   But watch and decide for yourself.  My own favorite part is where relentless Both Siderist tool David Gregory introduces the segment as Bill Maher "dishing" on Both Sides when this is self-evidently the exact opposite of what Maher is doing.

A little further down the dial, Digby locates the Quote of the Day:
I will defend the intelligence community against a bunch of senators and their staff. And I will defend the interrogation program!
-- Bill Kristol, ABC News

UPDATE:  Since no one is going to do it, looks like I have to remind the internet that as of Sunday, Charles Craphammer v2014 has declared himself to be --
GREGORY: But this is the ultimate thing with Russia, as well. Conservative Charles Krauthammer calling it Obama's fruitless accommodationism. Does it invite Russia's Putin to take the action he's taken, or Assad to feel like he's got more staying power, when the president doesn't follow through with Syria?
-- the sworn enemy of Charles Craphammer v2008:
"Well, obviously it's beyond our control. The Russians are advancing. There is nothing that will stop them. We are not going to go to war over Georgia."

“What is to be done? Let's be real. There's nothing to be done militarily. What we can do is alter Putin's cost-benefit calculations.”


John Polansky said...

Was fortunate to have met Mr. Holbrook and thank him for proformance as Mark Twain after one of his shows. The words of Twain still ring true even today.

Marion in Savannah said...

Many thanks for the wonderful memories. I saw Hal Holbrook on Broadway three times with my mother. He's no less spectacular today. And Mark Twain had it right then, and still does today.

Marion in Savannah said...

Also, was Jack Welch actually trying to say something coherent, like "… giving Bill Mahar a platform"? I still think the moron could have fit that into 140 characters of TwitterTwatness...

CM said...

And who is Bill Mahar?

Anonymous said...

I will give Maher this; despite the centrist slant and "stoner rant" digs Harry "the human Nyquil shot" Smith edits in, Maher rarely plays the both siders game. Unlike say...MSNBC, HBO doesn't muzzle him when it comes to smacking other talking heads around.
As a result, there isn't anyone else in major media who hits the bible thumping right as hard as he does.
He slaps them in the face with reality and is satisfyingly viscous about it.
He has far too many Republican criminals on his panel for my tastes, but then you get quick cuts of them squirming when he does "New Rules".
As the years go by, and corporate media stifles more and more voices, he is about all that is left...on the left call bullshit.

...and oh yeah P.S to BM: "Who is Bill Maher?"
You should proceed that question with:
Excuse me, I am stupid, could you tell me....?

n1ck said...

This just in: oligarchs make for great sources of nutrition for the tree of liberty!

Just sayin'!

CM said...

Anon @ 6:08 PM

**.and oh yeah P.S to BM: "Who is Bill Maher?"
You should proceed that question with:
Excuse me, I am stupid, could you tell me....?**

Why did you edit my handle to BM instead of CM? And why did you edit "Mahar" to "Maher"?

Unknown said...

maher made a joke about harry reid. ergo, both sides.