Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Progenitor of Modern Republican Mass Hatespeech

pleads for "people first, politics second"; decries "all the bickering" and "ideological posturing" --

-- during his six minute, CNN-sponsored, book-shilling infomercial.

And no one interrupted it to drag him off to the destitute obscurity he has already earned a thousand-fold.

Because the Gingrich Rules are forever.

1 comment:

Cirze said...

Or Gingrich rules.

Until that mob (his invention) comes for him.

Choose your mob wisely, politicos.

I know it must warm the cockles of your heart, Dg, to see what you've been forecasting for years suddenly coming into sharp focus.

It's almost good to see that the MSM will be the last to catch on.

And have to use the hook.

On itself.

Love you guys!

Stay cool.