Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ted Cruz's Secret Santa

Ted Cruz is not a normal politician: Ted Cruz is a power-junkie who discovered early that wrapping himself in the mantle of McCarthyite wingnut apocalyptic prophet has 100% upside and zero downside at the Inbred Rube end of the political spectrum where the GOP lives now.

You know the one thing you never want to hand a McCarthyite wingnut apocalyptic prophet?  Any opening to grab the microphone and tell his acolytes, "See!  I foresaaaaaaw this!"  That is a pony a McCarthyite wingnut apocalyptic prophet can ride for miles and miles.

And that is the gift that Senator Windsock McCain --

-- just handed Ted Cruz, gift-wrapped, with a big, red bow and a 1,000 kisses:
Beck Shreds McCain for Obamacare Repeal Flip-Flop: ‘Lousy,’ Opportunistic ‘Dirtbag Weasel’
by Josh Feldman | 1:31 pm, November 14th, 2013

Senator John McCain now favors complete repeal of Obamacare, after months of rejecting it as “not rational” and a “false premise” by Senate Republicans. This flip-flop really set off Glenn Beck, who went into a lengthy diatribe Thursday against “the lousy senator from Arizona,” who he called either a “dirtbag weasel” or a “weasel dirtbag.” 
Beck relentlessly mocked the “mavericky maverick” for trashing people like Ted Cruz when they wanted complete repeal, only to turn around and embrace it when the political winds shifted. Beck asked, “He’s not a wacko bird saying we should repeal this thing, is he?” 
He not-so-subtly accused McCain of only embracing complete repeal now because he’s just that opportunistic.
Outside the of Gohmert/Limbaugh Beer Fart Re-Breathing Bell Jar, Ted Cruz is still a creepy flake.

 Inside the of Gohmert/Limbaugh Beer Fart Re-Breathing Bell Jar, Ted Cruz's credibility just went up by 1,000 kisses.

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