Tuesday, November 26, 2013

In Which Mr. Axis-Of-Evil Continues To Pretend

That it's still 2002:
Hillary Clinton’s Iran Trap
David Frum
November 26th 20135:45 AM

During the 2008 race, Clinton was seen as a better friend to Israel than Obama. But she was also the first top U.S. official to float the nuclear deal idea. So what happens if it fails?
What will Hillary do if President Obama's bold gambit fails?  

Well, I suppose she could just change parties and run as a Frumpublican.

No one ever holds those goofs responsible for anything.

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Anonymous said...

I caught his act on a radio show last week. He was pronouncing scary healthcare horseshit in a very authoritative way. He's working his way back into the nurturing claws of his masters.