Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Epic Fail-Safe

In which the President of the United States kerboots the raving meatstick Right right in the yam sacks.

It was a terrific civics lesson.


And I predict it will also not make the slightest dent in the carapace of pure, adamantine vicious dumbass that protects Conservatives from reality. However many, reasonable arguments you make, it won't matter. However many historical comparisons you make -- however many different ways you find to say, "You wouldn't stand for this if a Democrat did it to you" -- it won't matter.

To these profoundly failed men of the Right, drunk on the last dregs of the "Better Dead than Red!" popskull of their youth, the mere existence of Barack Obama is an existential threat to the republic so immediate and dire there is no method of bringing him down too Pyrrhic to use.

This is the vanguard of the Holy Wingnut Army sailing right past their fail-safe points and on to their targets, refusing to listen to anyone sane because listening to sane people is what they have been specifically ordered not to do! (could not find the best clip, so you'll have to settle for second best):

This is the Brain Caste of the Holy Wingnut Army telling their orc horde that final victory over the hated Liberal/Gay/Brown/Feminazi Axis of Socialism is within their reach, but only if they go all-in and strike the enemy with everything in their arsenal Right!Now!

This is the Little Red State Fundy monster the Right spent a generation and billions of dollars creating --

-- doing exactly what that monster was programmed to do.

Nor will the President's calm, measured remarks budge a single member of the Both Sides Chorus so much as an inch.

Because as long as there remains a buck to be turned preaching the gospel of False Equivalence, the high priests of the faith will continue to stick to their scripts and collect their blood money.


Rob said...

The older I become, the more I miss 2 things in particular.

1.) The Cold War
2.) Nixon

Could never imagine myself admitting that in 1992, but things sure have changed.

What a mess...

Scott Ingram said...

I think Moyers has it right here:

Obama has proven too be far too accommodating to the conservatives and they've had to go too far to the right in order to demonize him over differences, and as a result they may bring the global economy down.

Those wackadoodles pushing gold might have been on to something...

dinthebeast said...

Nixon! HA! I'd jump over a whole gang of Karl Roves to get to a B.B.Rebozo...

-Doug in Oakland

Jack said...

Great post. I just watched that movie a couple of months ago.

It's uncanny how much Walter Matthau looks like Ted Cruz at the 1:48 point on the 3rd video.

phoenixwoman said...

Drifty, all of the main drivers of this -- including Ron Paul and Jim DeMint -- never were congresscritters or senators during the last GOP shutdowns of '95 and '96.

They never got to feel the white-hot heat of their constituents when these constituents didn't get their government services - or government checks - on time.

And their districts aren't as safe as they thought they were. See this: http://phoenixwoman.wordpress.com/2013/10/08/three-suicide-caucus-members-considering-taking-off-their-explosive-vests/

And then, to drill in the point, overlay those maps with these: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/08/states-government-shutdown_n_4064470.html

The Suicide Caucusers, the eighty idiots that signed that stupid letter of Mark Meadows' (a letter he's now running away from like a stinkbomb he lit), are not only more vulnerable than they thought, their stench is rubbing off onto every other person with a "R" after his or her name.

2014 is going to be lovely.

dinthebeast said...

Sorry, I meant Charles "Bebe" Rebozo, my bad.

-Doug in Oakland

Kathleen said...

Since President Obama has made his case, provided context and connected dots (in other words, doing the media's job), I wonder if Chucky and Company will even bother to transcribe and read back? If not, what is their excuse this time?

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Sad that a prez has to actually make such a speech.

Anonymous said...

Don't be surprised if Chucky & co now start complaining that the prez is being mean to the repubs who only want him to have a conversation with them.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

heck, Chuckles the Toddler et al, are likely to start complaining that Obama is being mean to THEM, what with doing their jobs for them and snubbing the video media in his presser the other day.

You know, Both Sides, Obama's fault, Republicans are the Competent, on and on and on...

The rest of the world must feel like they are handcuffed to a maniac driving a car towards a cliff with a bomb strapped to his chest. And a canister of ether from which he keeps taking whiffs.