Friday, September 27, 2013

Professional Left Podcast #199b -- Bonus Breaking Bad Podcast

"Dost thou know the difference, my boy, between a bitter fool and a sweet fool?" 
-- King Lear, Act 1, Scene 4 (h/t Batocchio)

In which we continue to speculate recklessly about the literary undergirdings and possible outcomes of a popular teevee series which reach its apotheosis this Sunday.

For I’m just as proud of my name, you see
As an emperor, czar or a king could be
Who is the man helps a man every time he can
Harrigan, that’s me

H-A- Double-R –I–G-A-N spells Harrigan
Proud of all the Irish blood that’s in me
Isn’t a man can say a word ag’in’ me
H-A- Double-R –I–G-A-N you see
Is a name that a shame never has been connected with 
Harrigan, that’s me!

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just john said...

Too busy watching the marathon repeats (and that's probably very bad for my mental health) to have listened to your podcast ...

... but I DID want to mention that I was thinking today of what Cranston could do next, and Lear was the second role I thought of. (Richard III was the first.)

Compound F said...

heh. rhymes with "harridan."

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

A Walking Dead podcast?