Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How David Got His Grue Back

Having parted company with his stifling overlords at the Daily Beast some months ago, David Frum lit out of parts unknown and the life of fame, fortune and high adventure which all of us buccaneer dealers in opinion famously enjoy.

Then, one may speculate, Mr. Frum discovered that "freelance nobody and author of the phrase 'Axis of Evil'" was perhaps not the kind of resume gold that gets one booked into paying gigs and career-advancing teevee shows.


Fortunately for Mr. Frum, as we have learned over and over again across the decades, once you are in The Club, no matter how badly you fuck up, when one door closes another one opens.  Or, failing that, the door that closes will just open right back up again and readmit you to The Club.

After which it's just a hop, skip and jump to getting back Real Time

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where you can pay back your benefactors by stepping right up and resuming your steady stream of wingnut twaddle like you'd never been away.

What's more, thanks to the widespread inability of anyone inside the Beltway to form any new political memories past 1997,

it still remains possible for Mr. Frum -- loyal George W. Bush speechwriter, Dubya hagiographer, buddies-4-life and and writing partner of Richard Perle, and all-'round icky Republican brown-noser -- to actually write flapdoodle like this --
He is a hugely smart, highly focused political player, with a clear-eyed view of political realities. He defeated the most powerful Republican in Texas to win nomination to the U.S. Senate in months of hard campaigning. As a senator, he has overshadowed his senior colleague, John Cornyn, a former chair of the Republican National Senatorial committee. Cruz makes mistakes; everybody does. But he thinks before he acts, and his critics should appreciate that he has a plan.

The plan is obvious enough: to emerge as the next acknowledged political leader of American conservatism in the apostolic succession that begins with Robert Taft, continued through Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp, and has had no agreed successor since Newt Gingrich's retirement from Congress in 1998. Since then, radio and TV talking heads have displaced politicians as the standard bearers of the conservative cause.
-- and not be told to clear out his cubbyhole and be out the door for good by 5:00 PM.

But yeah, sure, great.  Thank God David Frum is finally back on the scene to hip us to the fact that the GOP has been a locked-ward asylum of bigots and imbeciles ruled by demagogues and shock jocks for decades now.

Of course, while people like Mr. Frum were busily building careers as the Uriah Heeps of these very same locked-ward bigots and imbeciles and this very same goon squad of demagogues and shock jocks, there were a few lonely voices trying frantically to warn the country that this day of reckoning was coming.

Those despised pariahs who took shit for years over telling the truth about the Right were called "Liberals", although at the time the more popular colloquial term for us was "cheese-eating, America-hating, surrender-monkey traitors".

And now that the shit is all coming down exactly as Liberals predicted, guess which one of us our media still won't touch with a barge pole?


RoninMichigan said...

Bitch-slapping Canadians again, eh DG. LMFAO!

Batocchio said...

This is a useful reminder that while David Frum has his good moments (his series of tweets on gun politics in the U.S.), he's still a hack. He's Canadian, and knows that universal health care works, that it delivers better results overall, and is cheaper to boot. So why isn’t he arguing for that instead? Did that occur elsewhere in the segment?

Not likely. Frum got canned from his conservative think tank not for supporting health care reform in the U.S., but for advocating a less popular (among conservatives) method of opposing it. To the degree that he truly believes what he's saying (since he's long been a Donner Party conservative, as John Holbo puts it), he's a cruel idiot, but since he's blaming the ACA for a preexisting condition of more part-time jobs, the signs point to hack. (It's not as if, even if conceded this point, he would support true reform.)