Monday, July 15, 2013

David Sirota is Very Concerned

That in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict, someone somewhere might be distracted from The Real Story (™) and tempted to take a couple of days off from bitching about the unalloyed evil of Barack Obama.

And so, after the briefest of "Hey ever'body!  Looky hear!  That Davey Sirota kid's gonna write about George Zimmerman!" of overtures:
George Zimmerman killed the presumption of innocence
We learn that, no, that Davey Sirota kid is not gonna write about George Zimmerman:
In era of drones and NSA excess, the Zimmerman verdict reaffirms that like Trayvon, we're all presumed guilty.
Instead, with metronomic predictability, after expending the absolute bare minimum of perfunctory yadda yadda yadda word/pounds necessary to drag your fickle eyes away from George Zimmerman and back to the One and Only Real Story (™) in Christendom:
Even if you subscribe to this generous interpretation, it is no doubt cold comfort. A child is dead and his extrajudicial executioner is free. But can’t we take pride in the supposed persistence of a foundational legal principle – one that in aggregate is supposed to create a more just and humane society? Can’t we at least have that? 
The blunt answer, unfortunately, is no, because Zimmerman’s exoneration is the latest – and perhaps most powerful – state-sanctioned societal rejection of the presumption of innocence, with the killer a microcosmic embodiment of such a rejection.
We arrive at the boilerplate that Mr. Sirota just could not wait 48 hours to unload into the middle of this tragedy:
Remember, in the same year that saw Zimmerman kill Martin, Zimmerman’s president, Barack Obama, extrajudicially executed Anwar al-Awlaki and then his 16-year-old son, without charging either of the two U.S. citizens with a single crime. The two were simply presumed guilty, without any evidence being officially marshaled against them. Not only that, such a presumption wasn’t hidden from view in shame, as if it was something to be embarrassed about. Instead, Obama openly touted the extra-judicial killing of the father and then his spokesman haughtily justified the extra-judicial killing of the child.
Based on past performance, I'm sure Mr. Sirota feels the pure righteousness of his cause justifies air-dropping into the middle the sorrows of other, lesser people to pamphleteer the One and Only Real Story (™) in Christendom to the angry and the grieving.

And I'm sure these people 

think exactly the same thing.


Anonymous said...

Its a pity that such journalistic gymnastics don't entail the same risk of injury actual gymnastics do.

"Okay,ladies and gentlemen... he's going to try a Zimmerman to Drone connect with an Obama dismount."

Oh God! He planted his face on the beam!
There is blood everywhere!!

Well no more Salon for him, it is reconstructive surgery and a stint at the NY Times for this plucky youngster....

Hamfast Ruddyneck said...

IIRC, Sirota was a loyal Oborg drone in 2008. It's good to see he's broken free of the assimilation.

Anonymous said...

Damn are starting to make me miss Compound Fracture....


Pinkamena Panic said...

Racist Souther Hambone's opinion is worhtless. Ignore him.

Hamfast Ruddyneck said...

Pinkie Pie makes a sensible suggestion, but I expect few, if any, will take it--for how can Orthodox True Believers, of any ideology, bear simply to ignore the blasphemous opinions of unclean heretics such as I?

Anonymous said...

I have been drawing the comparison between Awlaki and Martin for a few days to emphasize how a certain segment of the "left" cares only about executive overreach. The real war zone is the local level where people die every day from preventable causes. But it's the fear of dystopia, the paranoia that has risen from the malodorous offal of LaRouche and Birch, that is driving loudmouth White Anglo Saxon Progressives.

For them, Snowald, Awlaki and Manning are the only stories that matter.

DocAmazing said...

Are you seriously comparing Sirota's analogy of two examples of the rupture of the principle of presumed innocence to the Westboro Baptist Church?

That's more than a reach, it's a Hail Mary grab.

Anonymous said...

So..comparing the first black president to vigilante dirt bag who killed a young black man, and the young black man to a terrorist is on the nose...
but comparing that story to a group who says god crashes planes because of gay people is a hail marry pass?
What game are you watching?

Neo Tuxedo said...

Sooner or later, all our games turn into Calvinball.