Monday, June 17, 2013

The Bane That Wouldn't Die

In his ongoing quest to leech every erg of heat or interest out of everything he writes,  Mr. Brooks has once again published a column about some stuff he read about neuroscience which, he opines, may be important or may not be important or may not be as important as some people think or may not be important now but may lead to something important later on.

Or maybe not.

No one is really sure.

"A glass of water may be more meaningful to you when you are dying of thirst than when you are not."
Another sample:
"The next time somebody tells you what a brain scan says, be a little skeptical. The brain is not the mind."
And of course what would a David Brooks column be without a big steaming dollop of Brooks-brand contractually-obligated pedantic Centrism?
"These two forms of extremism are refuted by the same reality."
So, is another insipid David Brooks embarrassment...

I dunno.  Decide for yourself.

Meantime, this makes more entertaining sense

than any 20 David Brooks column you could pull out of Abraham Lincoln's hat.


Suzan said...


Much funnier.

Love you guys,


Strider said...

So David Brooks is a neurologist, too? Who knew?! I'd like him to tell us *exactly* where the mind is located if it's not an emergent property of the brain.

Yastreblyansky said...

Humble thoughts on neuroscience
Shorter David Brooks, "Beyond the Brain", New York Times, June 18, 2013:
Neuroscientists are scary smart!
Then again, they reject mind-body dualism.
So they can't be as smart as me!