Friday, June 14, 2013

Meanwhile, Over In The Cracker Factory

The Conservative fairy tale machine continues to merrily reject reality altogether and rewrite history in real-time to suit itself.

A reminder that this is the Big Time Hollywood Actor that I cheerfully beat (along with his side-boys) like a rented mule until he ran away and hid from me.

Because that's what heroes do!


Anonymous said...

Finally, I understand your posture. You're a scholar of fairy tales. Well, duh!

The America you think you adore is gone. Come up with another fable. But you will always seek to be the good liberal, the good progressive, the stinking stupid fairy tale loving dolt.

jim said...

Some might speculate that Snowden is still working for the NSA today, & that this is a prefab Potemkin Scandal to cover for something else that's a lot scarier than harvesting Yanks' telephony &/or Interwebs flow.


Countervail said...

I see him listed as a "Peaody winning actor" but don't see him ever winning that on his own. Justified won in 2010 but how is it he claims that distinction for himself?