Monday, May 06, 2013

Today In "Both Sides Do It"

David Frum takes his turn at explaining that if only Kenyan O'Hitler would paint his ass red and run around the Daniel Webster Memorial 535 times...counterclockwise, the light of the new moon...incanting the correct spells from LBJ's Big-Little Grimoire of Power Politics then...something something...Leadership!

But he doesn't wanna do that, which is why Both Sides are equally to blame for nothing getting done on chronic unemployment:
Before the 2012 election, Obama used to talk often about his American Jobs Act, a second stimulus program that emphasized more cuts in the payroll tax and aid to states to prevent public-sector layoffs. That plan has not been heard from in a long time. The payroll tax holiday expired at the end of 2012.

Layoffs continue apace in the public sector: 11,000 public-sector jobs lost in April 2013. The Obama administration faintly regrets both developments but won't invest much political capital in seeking to reverse them. We are told that the president this week will resume his "jobs and opportunity" tours.

Yet his speeches focus on immigration and budget themes. Nor can the administration muster the creative enthusiasm to propose alternative job-creation plans for the second term.

Republicans in Congress, meanwhile, continue to emphasize budget-balancing above all else. Back in 2011, the House GOP released a 10-point jobs plan whose key point was a big cut in the top rate of tax to 25%. That plan too has vanished from sight since Election Day.

We now have a two-party agreement to act as if the central economic challenge of our time has been resolved...
Mr. Frum knows better.

Mr. Frum knows that we know he knows better.

Mr. Frum simply doesn't care,  He doesn't have to.  Because Mr. Frum knows the two most elementally important facts of punditing:
1)  No one cares what Liberals think. 
2)  Both Siderism is the Wise Pundit's fastest, safest road job security.


Karen Crosby said...

Hey, just another concern troll and starfcker who can't write!

Batocchio said...

1. Obama and the Democrats have tried multiple times to pass jobs bills.
2. The Republicans have repeatedly prevented this.
3. Obama has chosen to highlight other measures since.
4. Therefore, both sides are to blame.

David Frum moved from being a well-paid disingenuous hack to be a (slightly less?) well-paid disingenuous hack who occasionally tells half-truths, mainly about the perfidy of his own side.

LitttlePig said...

Frum is the one that always gets me. This guy pissed off North Korea (no big feat, granted) to satisfy the Rule of Three for the dreaded 'Axis of Evil'

"Let's see, hmmmmm, I gotta have a third one to go with Iran and Iraq. Iran, Iraq, and...Somalia? No, that's no good. Iran, Iraq and...Bosnia? Just doesn't ring....Wait I got it, Iran, Iraq and North Korea, that's the ticket!"

For me, Frum comes in only second to Darth Cheney himself in my list of 'Folks who need some good quality time at The Hague'. That he has been rehabilitated to the extent that he has just underlines the incestuous nature of the MSM.

Sociopathy, the surest career path for media employment in this here USA.

Hamfast Ruddyneck said...

^Sociopathy, the surest career path for success of any variety on this here planet.


That's why all the religions have to threaten punishments and promise rewards in afterlives. It's too obvious that evil has all the advantages in this life.