Monday, May 06, 2013

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

Because that turd ain't gonna polish itself cowboy.

Charles P. Pierce covers some of it.

It was a trainwreck, wall-to-wall: zombie methadone for "Walking Dead" junkies.  

Just as it was eight years ago:
Fox – Just Can’t Watch it for more than a few moments at a time, Maalox or not.
Bill Kritol – Another reliable Tom DeLay assclown.

Brit Hume – So this is what Gumby looks like without the Botox?

Hume: “Not a whole lot of daylight between Cheney the Preznit and DeLay.”

Bwahahahah! Bless you, evil feculent Bizarro Gumby! Bless you for explicitly tying the whole line of Republican boats to the fate of Tom "BTK" DeLay, as that chunk of vile, high-density, neutronium disappears beneath the waves!

Seriously, why does anyone that can use opposable thumbs to open a book watch this asslickery?

CBS - McCain. His constituents ask him “Why are you guys always fighting?” He opines a few seconds later, “I think both parties...”

Fuck you, McCain. And as regards Dear Old Tom DeLay and his reeking-so-bad-it-makes-Baby-Jesus-cry scandals, McCain opines further, "I'll take him at his word" and "I'm not is a position to comment on DeLay."

So...Big John, how exactly did you vote on the Clinton Impeachment again? I believe part of what you said went something like...this,” Although I may admit to failures in my private life, I have at all times, and to the best of my ability, kept faith with every oath I have ever sworn to this country. I have known some men who kept that faith at the cost of their lives. I cannot--not in deference to public opinion, or for political considerations, or for the sake of comity and friendship--I cannot agree to expect less from the President.”

(From Bill Shakespeare who was, most definitely, not making the rounds this Sunday Morning:
He was my friend, faithful and just to me;
But Brutus says he was ambitious,
And Brutus is an honorable man.)

And then McCain has a hearty laugh about how effectively Bush ass-raped him in 2000.

Hehehe! Lookit the funny draft dodgy creep who ran a fixed-bayonet attack right at genuine war heroes. Impugning their service at war and in POW camps, slandering their good names, during the period when Der Bush was apparently too knee-walking drunk to bother to show up for the cushy job his rich daddy poached for him. Letting some poorer, smarter, low-born thrall go off to the jungles and suck up bullets.

Man! Bush-dick must taste like Belgian Chocolate! So yummy, that you just can't get it out of your mouth!

McCain again: “It shouldn't be partisan...” and fond recollection of the good old days of “Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill...”

When the Party of God starts puling about the good old days of compromise, keep your hand on your wallet. C’mon, John. When you’re Party quits napalming Democracy...our party will quit boosting hubcaps, OK?
Just as it will be eight years from now.

Long ago when "Hell-oscan ate my comment" was a thing and I was a still-wet-behind-the-HTML blogger fresh from being kicked out of the nest by Steve Gilliard, Mr. Gilliard (among others) used to bust my chops over wasting my time and talents covering things like David Brooks and the Sunday Shows, which he considered to be the increasingly irrelevant relics of a dying age.

I told him basically that in my opinion they were the headwaters of all the awful shit that Conservatives tries to mainstream.  They control the parameters and the terms of the public debate for millions and millions of Americans who did not watch cable news and who thought that a does of "Meet the Press" and the NYT op-ed page with their Centrum Silver meant that they were educated, informed citizens.  And, most importantly, they decided who was and was not allowed to have a place at the Big Boy table during our public discourse.  

It is now eight years later, and much has changed.

Mr. Gilliard has long since left this vale of tears.

Everyone from the Huffington Post to Esquire to The New Yorker to Mother Jones has a made vivisecting the Sunday Shows and/or David Brooks into a semi-regular feature.

And the alert longtime reader will notice that in all that time your humble scrivener has never had a gig of any kind at any for these publications.

I'm sure there's a lesson in there somewhere :-)


Compound F said...

Gilliard was right, but if someone has to take apart David Brooks, the job couldn't fall to the worst impulses of a better person.

On the other hand, your criticism of Greenwald could not be more misplaced.

Despite my rather resolved disagreement with you on the latter issue, I do think a person should get paid for otherwise compelling testimony and above average visual commentary, but I personally don't do paypal.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

It was a trainwreck, wall-to-wall: zombie methadone for "Walking Dead" junkies.

Hey now.

mary said...

It's a shame. Really a shame that you aren't blogging for a major magazine.