Tuesday, April 09, 2013

It Has Been

Here's what happened the last time anyone tried



Anonymous said...

David F**king LIAR Brooks.

Anonymous said...

You had way too much fun with that! :)

One fine day you will be a columnist for a large and well respected media outlet, one that cannot be controlled or intimidated by the left or the Kochs.

I can think of 3 possibilities now. Huffington Post, Mother Jones and maybe Sorkin could use a hand writing for Newsroom. Any of them could benefit from someone with the memory of a savant who remembers every hypocritical thing the right has ever done.


Yastreblyansky said...

That is beautiful, beautiful work, with more power than snark. Glad Lent's over!

Hamfast Ruddyneck said...

@Anon @6:46PM--

Intimidated by the LEFT?

In THIS country?

You think the actual USAmerican Left has any actual power with which to intimidate ANYONE?

If I smoked herb, I'd want some of yours. XD

Anonymous said...

Nice touch with the Wolfgang Amadeus in the background.

Brooks is either suffering from dementia like his hero St Ron, or he's hoping his previous cheerleading the unjust war will go down the memory hole. Fat chance, Bobo.

JerryB said...

Hey look, he's a very serious person! I'm sure he's always welcome at the best parties. He must be all that is good and decent and wholly American. He couldn't possibly be expected to actually answer that question, could he? That might tarnish his immaculate image. Not that the other very serious people would care or even notice.

It just isn't done.

Unknown said...

So, Brooksie says what Brooksie got wrong was not the IDEA that the U.S. should and could take over an Iraq laden with WMDs and run by a sponsor of state terrorism, but that it would be a lot HARDER than he thought to do it.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant driftglass.

Michia said...

This is rhe Awesome what wannabe Awesomes look up to and hope to emulate.

Bluesborn said...

"..no day will come when the enemies of this endeavor will turn around and say ,"We were wrong,Bush was right".
Setting aside the rich irony of the statement,it also nicely illustrates exactly how Brooks and his fellow travelers viewed those who criticized the war in Iraq:not as opponents but as "enemies". Precisely how they continue to view the left in America to this day.