Wednesday, March 06, 2013

What Iraq War?

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Anonymous said...

Ok, here's a major part of the problem, and I'm also putting this on the "where are the liberals?" post.

Conservatives, including apostate conservatives, ex-conservatives, and centrist conservatives, know that the truly conservative base does not listen to anything but conservative media. "Real" conservatives "know" that the media is saturated in a liberal bias, or in the tank with the Big Bad Socialist Gubmint, or controlled by Zionist Jews pushing Sharia Law, or Reptilians, or whatthefuckever.

To the "where are the Liberals?", I think some talented liberals don't bother because it won't matter. IT HAS BEEN DONE! Remember Pres. Obama's speech to the Republican caucus? And how he utterly destroyed them? How many conservatives saw that? Or did they see Bohener and Cantor whining that "He lectured us!". Remember Stewart vs. O'Reily? How many conservatives do you think watched that?

Conservatives don't want to have any rude bumps with reality, or Socialism, or Sharia Law, or Reptilian mind control waves. So, they don't watch. They get the recap and synopsis from Fox or Red State. Rachel Maddow could debate with Rush Limbaugh himself, and make him have a coronary on stage. All that would be known by the conservative masses is that Maddow was bushing her socialist militant-homosexual Liberalism. And that she has short hair and a "mannish physique".

Andrew Sullivan is playing the same game, and that is shared by the ex-conservatives. He knows that other conservatives who are repulsed by the extreme crazy still do not touch the "Liberal Media". So, like David Brooks, he and is free to re-write his own history. They all know that no-one will fact check him, and the base to which he is trying to appeal will not trust conflicting facts from a "Liberal" source.