Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Silly Shit Andrew Sullivan Says, Ctd.

Pundit Shaming
My favorite is Jennifer Rubin, who actually wrote the following words a week or so before the election:
Four years ago the Republican Party was in danger of losing status as a national party, pundits said. It was too white, too southern and too old. The GOP still has a long way to go with minority voters, but after President’s Obama four years in office the Republican presidential ticket is appealing to women, voters in blue state strongholds and independents… The race remains close, but Obama has presided over the Democratic Party’s shrinkage demographically, politically and geographically. The only question is whether Romney can capi­tal­ize and make it past the 270 electoral vote marker.
So again: what are the actual consequences of either being completely delusional or lying for a living? If you work for the Washington Post (see Krauthammer/Will etc.) there are no consequences at all. You just carry on...
-- Andrew Sullivan, November 13, 2012

The astute reader will note that the single most prominent, influential and ubiquitous of all the pathologically dishonest Conservative pundits in America -- a gentleman by the name of  David Brooks -- is always conspicuously absent from Andrew Sullivan's tirades regarding pundits who suffer absolutely no consequences for being completely delusional or lying for a living.

Also always absent from Andrew Sullivan's shit list?

Andrew Sullivan 1.0.


blader said...

As soon as I read that on Sully's blog I raced over here!

LOL Sully channels Drifty!!! Who wooda thunk?

RobSPL said...

Apparently endorsing the single worse foreign policy this country made since Saint Ronnie decided giving arms to Middle Eastern religious fanatics doesn't get you the ban hammer from respectable news organizations.

Granted we should have all seen this coming 30 years when the Dutchess of Cornwall was using the New Republic to promote eugenics theories like the Bell Curve

n1ck said...

Sullivan is just biding his time until he can take over Brooks' spot at the Times.