Thursday, November 08, 2012

Once Upon a Time

The Conservative Movement decided to bet their entire future on Archie Bunker. 

On flattering him.

On pandering to him.

On spending billions of dollars to build entire media, religious and electoral empires that do nothing but constantly tell him that his paranoia is patriotic and his bigotry is genius.  And then spending millions more on press flacks, revisionists and propagandists to pretend none of it was happening and still more millions to infest the mainstream media with whores and useful Broderite idiots who, in the name of "balance", can be relied upon to reflexively punch the shit out of an imaginary hippie every time Archie shows his face.

Once upon a time, the Conservative Movement decided to bet their entire movement on rage and ignorance and hate.

And they and their Centrist enablers must be made to pay a fearful price for that decision.

Else how they gonna learn!


Bukko Canukko said...

Well, if makers of crap like Budweiser can spend billions of dollars to build an image-driven empire of advertising, cutesy animals, NASCAR, neon signs at bars. etc., all to say: "You're MANLY if you drink our beer!" -- then why can't it work for the Republikkkan Party? I think that was the thinkkking.

Here's to the Rewhiglicans becoming the Schlitz of politics!

Anonymous said...

Shorter KKKarl Rove: All Turd / No Blossom.

Listening to Bill O blubbering about undeserving people who "want stuff" they dIdn't work for or pay for reminded me of things I've read about a whole bunch of folks who built agrarian empires on hundreds of years of human slave labor. Can you imagine? I can't recall geographically where this was or what color these people were, but man! what a bunch of parasites! I hope Bill has just as much contempt for those lazy bastards...

P J said...

The conservative strategery was ahead of its time. Given the cutbacks in education it's just a matter of time before the stupid pool is replenished with resentful, unemployable, and heavily armed whites with an agenda of destruction in accordance with the conspiracy theories their betters have put into their empty heads.

clem said...

@bukko canukko

the story of how budweiser became (even) crap(pier) is quite instructive in a horrible way.

the plot to destroy america's beer