Friday, March 23, 2012

Professional Left Podcast #120


I never went to a John Wayne movie to find a philosophy to live by or to absorb a profound message. I went for the simple pleasure of spending a couple of hours seeing the bad guys lose.
-- Mike Royko


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jim said...

The "Wild West = Rugged Individualism" mythos is a real hoot to me, because I actually lived in REAL cowboys-&-injuns country (about three years in the Yalakum in the British Columbian interior).

Suffice it to say that living in a real-world hard-communist society (the Lillooet tribe's Rez) was very educational. Seems that once you make it non-formal & non-governmental, communism works just great ... & it can work for thousands of bloody years on end to boot.

My Stepdad was a harsh redneck, but the Natives' extreme communal folkways only ever came up as a curiosity ... & though he had surely did have one nasty racist-ass mouth on him, he also gladly invited our neighbours to score 200 pounds' worth of boxes of surplus tomatoes from our garden.

I think equating basic civics & community with fascism or Stalinism is a great way to get a nihilist culture to endure - without such an anodyne, those cultures contain a massive inherent bias toward self-destruction by definition.

steeve said...

The only time "both sides do it" is when conservatism has publicly failed in every corner of policy.

In 1998 or 2004 to the mainstream media, only the democrats did it. If conservatives today were able to fake a single success, it would still not be "both sides do it".

False equivalence is not the home of the media. It's the last piece of ground they're clinging to, and they've only recently been driven into it.

Anonymous said...

A request for help (and, sorry for the OT comment): Can anyone versed in mac/iPod provide some help or info:

Every time I update my iPod from iTunes (running on my macbook), it deletes any older podcasts, keeping only the most current one. This includes any I haven't listened to yet.

I found a selection of settings in itunes, including "Do not auto delete". AH HA.. However.. this setting seems to keep resetting itself. I do an ipod update, the older podcasts keep disappearing. I select 'dont auto delete' and update again, to no avail. (Lather rinse repeat.)

The weird part is, I have this setting on certain other podcasts, for which it seems to work FINE - those podcasts stay on my ipod. Just not the ProLeft podcasts. What the #$%^&?!!

Would be greatly indebted to anyone for any help you can provide!

Thanks -
Mike from CA

Fran / Blue Gal said...

Mike on a PC you right click on each individual podcast to set the auto delete function. I assume that is what you are doing on the mac.

Apple has a lot of online support for this. see

for instance, also just google your question and select an answer from Apple itself. I don't know what generation your ipod is, either.

Anyway this is not a helpdesk forum, but if I can be of more help you can email me at bluegalsblog, gmail.