Friday, February 17, 2012

You Gotta Admit

I played this stinking Party like a harp from Hell.

From Business Week:
Gingrich Name-Drops Business Idea Touted by Super-PAC Supporter February 17, 2012, 6:39 AM EST

Feb. 15 (Bloomberg) -- As he campaigns for the Republican presidential nomination, Newt Gingrich has become a de facto spokesman for Lean Six Sigma, a business management concept pioneered by a Dallas entrepreneur who has spent more than $200,000 of his own money to promote the former House speaker’s candidacy.

Gingrich has uttered the term “Lean Six Sigma” at least 28 times since August in campaign appearances, debates and media interviews, a review of transcripts and news accounts shows. At the same time, Mike George, the investor who has written six books on Lean Six Sigma, paid for mailings, handouts and automated phone calls backing Gingrich in the Iowa caucuses and South Carolina primary last month.

George’s financial support comes through a political action committee, Strong America Now, which he created and solely funds. The dynamic illustrates a new way for wealthy individuals to leverage the high visibility of a presidential election as a public-relations tool for a specific company, product or message.

“This goes beyond the concern about coordination, and smack dab into the concern of having a mutually profitable business relationship between a super-PAC and a presidential candidate,” said Craig Holman, a lobbyist with Public Citizen in Washington, a group that advocates for tighter regulation of political donations. “There’s Gingrich out there selling Mike George’s book while Mike George helps to promote Gingrich’s candidacy. That’s kind of amazing.”
The purity of Newt's absolutely naked larceny and his certainty that the GOP is just plain too fucking stupid to ever catch on to his endless grifting is something to behold.


Suzan said...

Methinks he doesn't care.

After all, he's going home with the dough.

And lots of return visits to Sunday TV shows.

Love ya,


word ver: estrians appear (?)

John said...

GOP = Gifters on Parade. Newtie is not fooling them at all but rather making them monumentally envious with his natural "skill" in that area.

John Puma

Brad said...

Oh, great, now they're doing product placement.

-Your adoring fan.

Fiddlin' Bill said...

From the GOP point of view, this is just good business practice, since all it takes to recognize good business practice is that the practitioner be making money. Thus Romney can destroy companies and be a successful venture capitalist, and Newt can do this. Palin already did it didn't she? Ditto Cain. Running for President is a marketing strategy, if you in the GOP. Meanwhile, it's also a distraction from the true evil the Radical Right continues to perpetrate, 24/7. They're erasing voting rights, labor rights and women's rights wholesale, without much notice.

Anonymous said...

Dear driftglass,

When the Corrections or Freedom has been hailed to be the hallmark of American literature today, the world is waiting for a voice. Now, remember, Hegel and negative identity.

Start writing. Write!!

Love listening to the two of you.

KWillow said...

Its amazing that all the repug candidates have... what's the word... tells in their very names.

Santorum: well, there's the obvious, and then there's the "sanitarium" and many other fun amalgam one can make of his name.

Gingrich: GingGRINCH. GettingRICH. Grouch. And so on.

Romney: HA! R-Money is just perfect.

It's all so obvious!