Monday, September 20, 2010

Sneetches Come Alive!

The award-ready Tea-Belly in spectacular audio.

I feel an enormous amount of pressure to get this right. I want to win that car!


Anonymous said...

Maybe its because I am used to listening to all your podcasts, but you do have a kind of radio voice (in that 70's, late night dj kinda way).
You should do a whole series of these given the baggers distinct resemblance to spoiled children who aren't getting their way.
Fractured fairy tales indeed.
Wouldn't it be cool if Rocky and Bullwinkle were being made today?
Now there was some subtle political commentary disguised as children's entertainment.

The Absence of Alternatives said...

I agree with the radio-friendly voice. Call me crazy, but you remind me of Carl Kasell. Can you do the greeting for my answering machine?

Anonymous said...

Bloody fine performance driftglass from the husband of your proud mom.

Esteev said...

In the immortal words of Tommy Boy, "That was...AWEsome."

Anonymous said...

So good!

Anonymous said...