Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Angry Conservative Blogger

Punches The Greatest Conservative Political Genius in the History of Everything in the face.

I hate it when loony mommy and loony daddy fight.

From Michele Malkin:
Rove bashes O’Donnell; O’Donnell supporter at victory party strikes back; NRSC cuts and runs

I just finished watching Karl Rove trashing GOP Senate primary winner Christine O’Donnell. It was on Sean Hannity’s FNC show. Might as well have been Olbermann on MSNBC. The establishment Beltway strategist couldn’t even bother with an obligatory word of congratulations for O’Donnell. He criticized her “character” and “rectitude” and claimed she hadn’t answered questions about her financial woes. She did so here. Rove mocked her security concerns as “nutty.” Yet, her concerns have been more than justified. See here (second video clip).

Rove came across as an effete sore loser instead of the supposedly brilliant and grounded GOP strategist that he’s supposed to be. Expect more Washington Republicans to start sounding like Tea Party-bashing libs as their entrenched incumbent friends go down.
Of course, this particular vintage of bile has been a staple at the Malkin blog for a long while. Her critique of Rove is essentially that, during the Age of Bush, Don Karleone was a pussy for not letting the Right's rabid crapweasels completely off their leashes (as demonstrated here, where Malkin seconds fellow Gorgon Ann Coulter's whining about how Poor Ol' Dubya's unnecessarily slim margin of victor in 2004 deprived her of her beauty sleep):

The truth? It’s much, much closer to Ann Coulter’s analysis last week, which was striking in its candor about Rove’s keep-the-social-conservatives-at-arm’s length strategy:
Of course, we could have done it a lot earlier on election night but for “Boy Genius” Karl Rove. It’s absurd that the election was as close as it was. The nation is at war, Bush is a magnificent wartime leader, and the night before the election we didn’t know if a liberal tax-and-spend, Vietnam War-protesting senator from Massachusetts would beat him.

If Rove is “the architect” — as Bush called him in his acceptance speech — then he is the architect of high TV ratings, not a Republican victory. By keeping the race so tight, Rove ensured that a race that should have been a runaway Bush victory would not be over until the wee hours of the morning.

As we now know, the most important issue to voters was not terrorism, but moral values. Marriage amendments won by lopsided majorities in all 11 states where they were on the ballot. Even in Oregon, the state targeted by gay marriage advocates as their best shot of defeating a marriage amendment, the amendment passed by 57 percent — a figure noticeable for being larger than the percentage of votes cast for Bush in Oregon. In the great state of Mississippi, the marriage amendment passed with 88 percent of the vote.

But Rove concluded Bush should stay mum on gay marriage and partial-birth abortion — contravening the politicians’ rule of thumb: Talk about your positions that are wildly popular with voters. “Boy Genius” Rove decided Bush shouldn’t even run radio ads on gay marriage, and at the last minute, Bush started claiming he was in favor of civil unions, just like John Kerry.

Well they're off the leash now and running wild, so I can only assume that Malkin and Coulter are the two happiest strap-chewers in all of wingnut Bedlam.

And I solemnly promise to care a whole lot less about what a deep-fried. moon-howlin' crazy haint like Malkin have to say about anything once the Mainstream Media stops putting her on my fucking teevee machine.

Digby has more exciting, late-breaking-Rove-related Kilkenny cat action
There once were two cats of Kilkenny
Each thought there was one cat too many
So they fought and they fit
And they scratched and they bit
'Til (excepting their nails
And the tips of their tails)
Instead of two cats there weren't any!

as the Right eats itself alive at her place here.


Anonymous said...

Rove is "effete", just like Upper West Side liberals. I love it.

Terry said...

"Haint" may mean "hateful bitch" in the Urban dictionary, but "hateful bitch" has much more panache.

Just like "crapweasels."

driftglass said...

Whatever it has come to mean, "haint" originally meant (and I mean) an angry lost soul.

Anonymous said...

Karl Rove's been an "analyst" at Fox News for two years, and the first time he actually acts like an analyst instead of a cheerleader he gets the shitstorm. I'd feel bad for him except that he's, you know, Karl Rove.

Rick Massimo

Batocchio said...

Great pic – especially the expression, given recent events – although I sorta peg Rove as Tom more than the Godfather. That may be Cheney. (A few people have pegged Gonzales as Fredo, or George himself as Fredo in the Family Bush.)

As Al Franken put it, the 2004 Bush strategy was "Fears, Smears and Queers." It's interesting that right-wingers thought the Bushies weren't anti-gay enough, since they even note the anti-gay ballot measures that were a key measure for getting out the social conservative vote. But the far right is inconsistent when it comes to stealth. What the zealots really want is for Daddy to insult the people they hate and tell them they're the best.

That Rove clip is amusing – he's as scared as the country club, Romney National Review crowd was by Huckabee – 'wait a sec, the peasants really believe all the shit we've been selling them for 50 years?' Reap the Angry Dumbass Whirlwind, you fuckers. Pass the popcorn.

Anonymous said...

Wow..it really is cat herding season for the regresives. What are they going to do when all these baggers go down in flames come the mid terms? Hell, what are they going to do if they win? You cant control stupid.

jim said...

Rove is old-school: for him it's all about winning. Teabaggers are new-school: for them it's all about purity. Both camps care not a jot about ethics - or reality itself for that matter - so as catfights go, this one looks like it'll be ugly.

Given the nature of the gutter where the purity parade always ends, I don't know if it's better in the long run for America to see the Teabaggers lose or win. Pathetic martyrs of fail, or rampaging, incompetent (& discredited) insiders?

Anonymous said...

This wing-nut shit storm would seem much more satisfying if only these hard right closet Nazi head cases weren't so close now to actual power.They're getting much too close(which is to say having any chance what so ever of winning) for comfort.

prof fate said...

While I don't go along with this "Karl Rove - Evil Mastermind" stuff (though the "evil" part of it's true enough) I could see this as a mildly clever reverse ratfuck, to fire up the teabaggers. What better way to flatter their self-image as insurgents against the hide-bound Republican establishment, than to have Mr. GOP trash-talk one of their most cherished candidates?

Karl's pragmatic enough to see the writing on the wall, plus this gains him some cheap and easy moderate cred with the punditarchy. You think when it comes election time he's going to urge people NOT to vote for the teabagger candidates?

Sure, this could be a "What has Science DONE?!?" moment for Karl and his buddies, but it rings a bit false for me. Not that they might not end up rueing the day they wound this monster up and set it loose, but that the moment's come so soon. I think they're arrogant and stupid enough to still believe they can keep the rubes in line, when Nemesis comes knock-knock-knocking at the door.

ceabaird said...

I. on the other hand, positively LOVE it when Loony-mom and Loony-dad fight. Especially when they start throwing the butter and meatloaf at each other at the dinner table.