Thursday, July 22, 2010

Who's Next?


Liberals: We're What's For Dinner.

In case no one had the balls to tell you the unvarnished truth, Mr. President, the thing that has been so dispiriting about Brietbartgate is that it happened right in front of us and in real-time. The very speed of it gave us all a window not into your good intentions or high ideals, but into the raw and naked organizational reflexes of the Obama White House.

And what we saw made us ill.

Not only did it confirm every Liberal's ugliest fears about how completely craven and appeasement-happy your Administration is when it comes to dealing with Right-wing scum, but in the heart of the Great Recession, you also managed to morph yourself into just about the worst possible caricature anyone striving to gain the trust of an unemployment-shell-shocked public could be:
You became Everybody's Nightmare Dumbass Boss.

You let yourself become the stereotypical feckless employer who can be cowed and bullied by any sleazy consultant with a loud mouth who knows which buttons to push (and which everyone but the Clueless Boss seems to know is a criminally reckless fraud) into making truly astonishing, bonehead decisions that end up:
  1. Costing some of your best, most-loyal and most hard-working people their jobs, their peace of mind and their good names for no damn good reason, and,
  2. Badly damaging the morale of the very people you most need, while at the same time,
  3. Enhancing the reputation and prestige of the scumbag consultant who fed you poison in the first place.

In case you didn't recognize it as it whizzed by, this was your 3:00 AM phone call Mr. President, and you failed the test of it pretty fucking spectacularly.

Organizational culture comes from the top, Mr. President: you set the tone.

So Learn, Baby, Learn: man up or lose your base, Mr. President.

It's really that simple.


Tengrain said...

Not that he really ever had me, but he lost me for good.



Denny smith said...

Just in the middle of Remnick's biography of this man. What struck me is the oft-repeated observation that he listens to all views, then "synthesizes" them for consensus. While true that his heart lies on the liberal side, synthesizing arguments put forth by the GOP "leaders" (meaning hate radio and ClusterFox) is a mistake.
FDR in his time told 'em to drop dead. It's high time Obama did as well. (and cynically mayk if he thinks it'll help in Nobember).
Frank is right: The Dem's are the Washington Generals to the Repubs Harlem Globetrotters.

US Blues said...

DG- on point as always.

Tengrain, hold the door, I'm with you!

karen marie said...

I was with him, but every month of the last 18 has been a drip drip drip of disappointment.

This Breitbart business was the icing on the cake.

Obama and the Congressional Dems are going to have to pull numerous fucking ponies out of their hat from now until October if they think they're going to see even half the support they got in 2008.

There are so many election cycles that people can be motivated to show up to vote for the best of the bad.

karen marie said...

Well, stick an "only" in there between "are" and "so."


Via said...

The really sickening part of this is that it isn't even the first time this has happened.
Breitbart broadcast the faked video that brought down ACORN thanks be to our spineless, gutless president and congress.

Who was it that said, "fool me twice? can't get fooled again?"

Anonymous said...

(cross-posted @ tengrain's):

watching progressives begging B.O.

is just like B.O. begging repug slimewaffles.

over and over and over.


e.g., watch him ignore The Case for Elizabeth Warren:


it gets nowhere.

it makes me sick.

fuck this shit.

third party or bust.

Interrobang said...

I used to be that person who had to helplessly watch the loudmouth snow my feckless boss. I never quite saw the parallel before, but shit, come to think of it, it wouldn't surprise me if that very same loudmouth thinks Breitbart and his ilk are the greatest thing since sliced whitebread.