Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Potato Day Eve, Andrew Breitbart!

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Can you believe it has been one year since the professionally indignant and compassionately malformed Andrew Bleat-Bark Breitbart let fly with the little gem above and got spanked on a basic cable comedy show?

Perhaps sensing that This!Was!His!Moment! Mr. Beet Red Brietbart bounded into action, in the sense that he penned a spittle-flecked Column of Scattershot Outrage (Does he ever write any other kind?) in the Moonie Rag Washington Times (Who else would have him?) to the effect the had been taken cruelly out of context.

By the basic cable comedy show:
The “joke” was that these right-wing zealots weren’t giving the new president enough time, that the previous president did worse things, and that I, in particular, was ridiculous for blaming the president for “St. Patrick’s Day” becoming “Potato Day” at my kids’ public school. (Yes, the name change took place. No, I did not blame President Obama — specifically.)

As is his style, Mr. Stewart took wildly out of context my clip from Fox News’ “Hannity” in which Sean and I discussed the Obama administration’s decision to call the “war on terror” an “overseas contingency operation,” and “terrorism” a “man-caused disaster.”

Well of course! Because how could anyone but a paranoid, unlettered Leftist possibly interpret the sentence
"...and since Barack Obama's the President, they no longer call it Saint Patrick's Day; they're calling it Potato Day. This political correctness is dangerous; it's the destruction of language."
as laying the blame for the "destruction of language" directly at the doorstep of the Kenyan Usurper...which in turn -- like Commie dominoes falling -- led directly to the jackbooted Orwellian nightmare of some school somewhere using the phrase Potato Day?
(Fox News -- already a fan of Mr. Beat Box Breitbart's ability to elevate through sheer manufactured apoplexy a series of imaginary slights, trivial events and brutally doctored footage into Unimpeachably Damning Proof of the Sinister Global Hippie Commie Conspiracy -- responded by upping his on-camera presence noticeably.

And making him get a damned a hair cut.)
Of course if Andrew Blight? Brat? Breitbart had gotten out a little more during his formative years instead of nesting in Matt Drudge's wattles, he might have become aware of a man named "George Carlin".

Who practiced a craft called "humor".

And who spent the better part of a generation methodically demolishing exactly the sort of bastardization of the English language

which Mr. Bright Rat Breitbart apparently believes began at 12:01 P.M. on January 20, 2009.

And why has the King's English been taking such a savage beating for so long?

Well, frankly, one very big reason is because the people who really own and operate this country -- people like the Washington Time's Ultra Conservative owner and Cult Leader Sun Myung Moon and Fox News' Chief Gorgon Roger Ailes (both of whom make no small contribution to Mr. Batshit Breitbart's daily bread) -- want to keep us stupid and afraid.

Actually that Carlin fella that Mr. Brickbat Breitbart apparently never heard of explains the whole thing pretty well right here.

So I just wanted to take a moment from the busy work of destroying America to wish Mr. Andrew Breadfruit Breitbart a Merry Potato Day, and a full and speedy recovery from the groin pull he suffered while backpedaling full tilt waughhhhh! away from his former protege, James "King of All Pimps" O'Keefe.

At your age, Mr. Mr. Andrew Brood Fart Breitbart, you really do need to warm up a little before trying those sudden and violent changes of direction.

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Serving Patriot said...

Thanks Drifty for reminding us about this particular outrage that is so far in the wake now that you cannot even see it.

F Breitbart and all his ilk.