Friday, April 24, 2009

...He Stuck In His Thumb

And pulled out some dumb
And said, "What a good boy am I!"

Some nice guerrilla action here from Seth over at Mindswell showing the the Republican Base -- that dirt-stupid army of swine who have been voting their entire lives to give the hog butchers ever-sharper knives -- in the wild.

Amazing how people who have never been more than 50 miles away from their double-wides in Sisterfuck, Arkansas -- who clearly have built their entire "intellectual" lives around stayed within earshot of a radio blasting Rush Limbaugh every day for 20 years -- are nonetheless utterly convinced they are privy to the secret charter and workings of ACORN, secret government military plots, secret government give-your-rights-away-to-illegal-immigrant schemes, a secret form of math wherein a tax CUT causes your taxes to go UP, a secret history wherein the entire Cheney Administration never existed, the secret innermost, thoughts of President Obama and the secret rituals of all Liberal organizations

And it would all be terribly funny if these same batshit-crazy meatsticks hadn't spent the last 25 years setting fire to our country and dancing around the flames, singing Toby Fucking Keith and calling the rest of us "traitor".


Larue said...

They are STILL setting fire, and still looking to think they are enuff to do things THEIR way.

And they are as deluded as they've always been.

If shit goes to hell, people will need people to band with to survive.

And the isolationists, the whacko loons who want to rage white militarism aryan law down upon the land, they will be equally hunted.

And they will not be welcomed where survival is really taking place.

They won't be welcomed.

They are screwed because of their anti socialism.

They chose to isolate themselves from the rest of us.

They can stay isolated. They can't come to town and shop for goods, not if they want to wreak havoc on the town, and the town people.

They're not gonna be welcome.

Suzan said...

You. You. You.

Driftglass Rules.

. . . and wins blog Nobel for his noble reporting.

that dirt-stupid army of swine who have been voting their entire lives to give the hog butchers ever-sharper knives

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh!! teh stooopid!! itburnz!!

CapD said...

I couldn't even make the two-minute mark of watching these idiots. You must have to really try to be willfully stupid to be this fucking dumb, to get to the point where facts and reality just don't matter, and you'll believe any made-up shit that somebody tells you. Sad, sad, sad.

lostnacfgop said...

Actually, Drifty, this is reality here in the land of the Dukester. Been here for almost a quarter century and this is the way too many of them, er, ah, "think."

Howdya think a lout like Cunningham got elected 8 times? "He wuz a war HEEEE-ro!" (and a big stupid jerk). "heez TUFF on CRIME" (well, on everybody elses), "9/11 changed everything" (well, like giving a 'tard Prez a blank check - even the live boy, dead girl bed thing would have been overlooked down here), and don't EVEN say "illegals" around these parts. The pig people think everything bad here was caused by George Soros and MIchael Moores coyote cab-driving service - shuttling new Democrat voters up from TJ 24/7/365. Would be hysterically funny if we weren't steeped in this sh*tty stew.

Bustednuckles said...



How do ya fight the stupid?

When they stand there and shit in their pants right of front of ya and call ya a traitor?
A shovel to the side of the head would be called Mercy.

SO Katie said...

See, the rabble rousers usually are the idiots. I'm sure if you went to some of our protests (and I did) ... it wasn't our best and the brightest. However, I do think these people are scary.

Caoimhin Laochdha said...

Apparently Mama was asleep in Darwin's waiting room when some of her slack-jawed kids disappeared between the cracks in the upholstery.


munchkinpup said...

The "rabble rousers," in this case are Fox/Limbaugh podnapped cretins who simply do not possess any critical thinking skills.
They are not "protesters," or "activists," and have serious unaddressed mental health issues.

Drifty, my husband reads you every day now, after finally becoming curious as to why I kept falling out of the computer chair, while screaming incoherently!
Well done, again.