Thursday, February 05, 2009

Senate Begins Pretend Stimulus Debate Today

First up, Mitch "Mo' Tax Cuts" McConnell.

Sorry, Mitch, but now is not the time for mindless cuts and purges.

Now is the time to find out what works -- however small or obscured by shadows -- and fund...or link...the hell out of it.

So Happy Blogroll Amnesty Day.

Thanks to Jon Swift, Skippy, and Blue Gal for getting behind this mule and plowing.

And keep on linking in the free world:

All our pixels are belong to darkblack.

Meeting your local superjesus supply-chain needs.

For matters of the spirit.

Dr. Know

He can whistle up more drama than the kickline of "Fame" squaring off with the cast of "Dynasty". He is also a very good writer.

She doesn't live in Maui, but she does meander there.


beth said...

All for this idea to link down. May be hard to find a blogger smaller than me, but will die trying....

Blue Gal said...

The most worrisome aspect of B.A.D. is this worry by small bloggers about hit counts. I just want to scream in my megaphone, shaddup and POST already! But I digress, I just came over to say I hadn't seen Darkblack's Blago as Mother Theresa until now. Dang. With your Joker and this, the two of youze guys nailed him.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the love.

Yours in heterosexual humility,
Super J.

Bustednuckles said...

Yer the man Drifty, as always, well said.

Dr. Know said...

Thanks for the link, driftglass.

Must have been the mutilated GA Governator Sonny Perdue Joker that did it.

My life has now been completed.

darkblack said...

Here's to a consistently entertaining and thought-provoking writer.
Here's to you, Driftglass.



Anonymous said...

Well-said as always - thank you.

Please please please respond to Our Miss Brooks' piece in the NYT; the subtext is that "bankers are being treated SO unfairly because they can't waste our TARP money on expensive shit they really want!"

I can't believe the NYT ran it....

Dr. Know said...

OK Anon - here ya go:
David Brooks Antoinette

Anonymous said...

DG: Nothing would change the Hill like having a great writer like you here in the trenches with me. You can help change things your own self, I swear.