Thursday, July 24, 2008


Arrogant Liberal Elitist Smartypants Barack Hussein Obama shown here creating a dangerous traffic hazard by shamelessly pronouncing “nuclear” correctly five times in front of +200,000 Germans.

Meanwhile, back in America, Senator McSame holds Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Brit Hume, and a

teeming mass of

screaming mob of

raucous crowd of

rowdy bunch of

Elk’s Lodge-worth of

dignified gathering of

day room full of

small, well-behaved knot of

tepid well-wisher in a paper hat, absolutely fucking spellbound

(click pic for much larger)

with his tales of how The Surge helped Otto Von Bismark defeat the Carthaginians at Second Manassas.


Stephen A said...

McCain isn't scared, after all Obama didn't visit the border between Iraq and Pakistan, nor did he visit Czechoslovakia. He's probably couldn't find the border on a map!

In the meantime Doc McCain is perfecting the Surge Flux Capacitor in his Delorean to allow him to travel back to start the Anbar Awakening, and then travel forward to the Year 2013 where all our problems have already been solved!

Anonymous said...

Boulevard of Broken Dweebs.

PhysioProf said...

And you know the motherfucker's saying, in that nauseating smarmy fake-ass despicable tone of voice, "My Friends".

Anonymous said...

Oooo. Messin' with the Ed Hopper. Is nothing sacred, sir???

:) Am delighted to see how seriously so many Germans took KindaSleazy Rice's directives. CondiLizard cabled ALL U.S. Embassy personnel on Earth, and on the binary star systems of Sirius, to never ever help Obama out on his trip. Any time. Any way.

Did those 200,000 Germans not get the memo??

What a scheist-kopf our little Facist Fraulein Schatzie is!! Does Condi go into the bunker, too? With Eva Braun??

See "Night Before Senator Obama Leaves Condi Rice Bars Embassies from Aiding Travel" at

Sprecken zee caca??

larue said...

"Chicken hawks, at the diner.
Emma's 49'sers."

Myrtle June said...

:D Perfect. I just came from viewing the All those people. Just. WOW.

tanbark said...

Anon! Ja, Ja, Ich bin sprecken die
caca! Collectively, we bin sprecken it for 6 years now.

STILL sprecken it! But fewer amurkans are sprecken it all the time. :o)

With any luck, by early November, we'll be back to our native tongue, so wistfully and admirably expressed a few decades ago by Norman Mailer:

No more bullshit! :o)

Kickass thread, Drift! :o)

Anonymous said...

Isn't that Chris Wallace in the soda jerk outfit?

Archangel Gabrielle said...

The juxtaposition of Obama in front of 200,000 adoring fans and McSenile in front of the Snausage Shoppe speaking to maybe 2 dozen just about says it all, does it not?

Bollox Ref said...

The loneliness that is the McSame campaign. I wonder how Casper David Friedrich would have portrayed it?

Mike the Mad Biologist said...


I'm a huge fan, but don't ever 'McCain' Hopper again. EVAH!

Serr8d said...

Those silly Germans.

They never learn.

phoenixwoman said...

Consider this:

Germany is, of all the places in Europe, the one where the leadership is friendliest toward Bush/McCain. (Italy would have been #1, but Bush has been caught dissing Berlusconi recently.)

And Obama still drew a crowd that was bigger than JFK's and Reagan's combined.

This wasn't just a curiosity-seeker's crowd, either. It was a "may I touch the hem of your garment" crowd.

Granted, Bush has really set the bar low for Obama. But he could have set it at normal height and Obama still would have hurdled it like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar stepping over a matchbox.