Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Morning Comin’ Down

Early short/short version.

Probably a longer cut later, but for now, this quick-n-dirty on what was happening on “This Week” as Villager Squirtgun

Lil' George Stephanopoulos

interviewed the world's oldest Top Gun.

McCain really did just ping-pong wildly around with the most ghastly leer Jack-O-Lanterned into his face; hopefully C&L will have some video up because you really have to see it to appreciate how unhinged he came across. Chuckling, getting shit just flat out wrong, all but saying that government-run health care sucks because...uh...I was tortured by the North Vietnamese 40 years ago.

My friend. hehehe.


McCain: I’ll find you a hundred billion dollars tomorrow. Is there any American who doesn’t believe that you can save hundreds of billions of dollars from Waste, Fraud and Abuse.

Stephanopoulos: Yes but by every estimate the waste/fraud stuff adds up to 12-16 billion. All the rest are earmarks for things like aid to Israel and Military Housing.

McCain: So?

Stephanopoulos: So are you cutting aid to Israel?

McCain: Of course not.

Stephanopoulos: Military housing?

McCain: No.

Stephanopoulos: The math dictates that you would have to cut 30% across the board to make your numbers. Are you going to cut 30% across the board?

McCain: No. Instead I’m going to “change the way we do business” in Washington in a mystical, unexplainable way that will cause government to magically shrink!

No kidding. I really had no idea of the scale of McCain's crackpottery until I saw grandpa mix his meds this morning and come on charging at every question like a coke-horny aluminum-siding-salesman frantic to close that fucking deal!

Then, from her privileged perch high atop the Secrets of the Human Heart, Cokie Roberts lead the panel in defending 'Lil George showing his ass back-hair-to-knee-dimple on national teevee last week by striking up a rousing chorus of

"What Do the Simple Folk Do?"

Explaining that, "People are fucking morons. They don’t understand the “Constitution”. The people don’t vote for President on issues. They vote for President on a gut check. These questions were fair because that’s what people want!"


Angel Of Mercy said...

Clueless Cokie is just one more example that the media are tools of enormous multi-national megaconglomerates, Mr. Glass. There are things which they absolutely do not tell us, things they distort and things about which they narrow the debate. (I do not include 'spin' because that designation itself is deceptive. 'Spin'=LIES.) The last thing they want to do is simply "report" and allow consumers to "decide." These people have an agenda. They are tools of the wealthy Ruling Class and they are truly insidious. Newspapers are better than television...but that doesn't make them good. Or unbiased.

When people whom I think ought to know better start talkling about how the media "aren't doing their job" it just makes me crazy! Their job, in fact, is exactly what they ARE doing...but the appointed mission doesn't happen to include informing we the people!! Prof. Noam Chomsky said it as well as anyone: "...the media serve the interests of state and corporate power, which are closely interlinked, framing their reporting and analysis in a manner supportive of established privilege and limiting debate and discussion accordingly."

Keep on slagging them, Sir...

StonyPillow said...

"Villager Squirtgun Lil' George Stephanopoulos". I literally could not breathe through my laughter for several seconds.

You have perfected the art form. None may now aspire to better than second.

Habitat Vic said...

I nearly threw something at the TV screen during the debate last week, so I can't say watching This Week was much of surprise this morning. Too many wacked out Shill-For-The-Rich moments to even recall, much less list. George Will defending NOT taxing oil companies ("40% of their stock is owned by pension and mutual funds. You'll be hurting working people!") was a classic.

On a lighter note, anyone else think there's something - I dunno - sexual about that Batman squirtgun? Not in a wierd Floyd the Barber hidden psychopath way, just saying.

Too much blogging and political anger on a nice Spring day. Perhaps its time to put in a garden for the coming economic collapse.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

The squirtgun IS rather disturbing--you squeeze near the crotch area and a fluid emerges from the body--not FROM the crotch area, but still...