Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Savage WIND -- Part 3 of 3

The Letter

Writing a Complaint Letter.

STEP 1: Tell them why you are writing.
Dear Sir/Madame:

I am writing you because you advertise on Chicago’s WIND radio station, and because I did not know if you were aware of what sort of people your advertising dollars are underwriting.
STEP 2: Quickly emphasize your bona fides, and your specific complaints.
I am writing as an American citizen. As someone active in my community. As a hardworking, honest, decent man, who loves my country as much as I’m sure you do, and cares about our kid’s futures as much as you do.

We have so many problems, and as Americans we need to find a way to do what we have always done: work together to solve our problems. But these days it’s harder than ever to find ways of working together, and a big part of the reason why is that Conservative Talk Radio stations like WIND have found that peddling hate on radio using on-air personalities like Michael Savage is profitable.

It’s right there on their billboards -- “Liberals Hate Us!”

For the last 20 years, people like Mr. Savage have been allowed to poison the public airwaves for the amusement of the vicious and the ignorant. For the last 20 years, people like Mr. Savage have been able to make a very nice living not because his is smart or informative, but because of his willingness to use his position to promote a cruel, ugly, and deeply un-American agenda.

Frankly I’m sick of it, and hope you are too.
STEP 3: Cite specific examples (these are not fabricated; all of them are taken directly from Media Matters site here.)
Here is a small sampling of the kind of things Mr. Savage says on the air:

After Vice President Al Gore won the Nobel Prize;
"90 percent of the people on the Nobel Committee are into child pornography and molestation....”
When he asked questions about military policy, calls Retired Brig. Gen. Keith Kerr a;
"gay, phony general"
Refers to an organization that collates and publishes his remarks in a effort to make him accountable for what he says on the air as;
"is a fascist front group" and "bunch of punk coward psychotics"
Stating that a "[L]oving, kind lesbian" is;
"the type that stuffed ovens in Hitler's concentration camps".
Regarding the grave possibility of a military conflict with Iran;
"Let's get it on! Let's bring it on! Bomb Iran, bring our boys home now!"
Regarding a minor seizure suffered by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts:
"You're telling me there's no possibility of a conspiracy by the Democrats" to cause Roberts' seizure?
Compared the firing of radio talk show host Don Imus to:
"what was done in Nazi Germany to Jews"
Stated that Representative Keith Ellison (who is a Muslim) and atheists share:

"hatred of Christianity and hatred of Jews".
Blamed the Columbine school massacre on sexual reassignment surgery.

Repeatedly refers to gay marriage and parenting as “child abuse”.

On Martin Luther Kings birthday, referred to civil rights as:
“…a racket” designed to steal “white males’ birthright”
STEP 4: Preempt any silly-ass argument about this being a Freedom of Speech issue.
Of course what makes America great is that here, people like Michael Savage have an absolute Constitutional right to hold any sick, malevolent beliefs they choose. But nowhere are they guaranteed the right to a national radio platform for spewing those beliefs, or the right to profit handsomely from spreading the doctrine of hate and divisiveness that is destroying our country.
STEP 5: Outline a specific course of action, and a specific warning.
This is a matter of choice, and as a nation we can no longer allow people who support extremists like Michael Savage to be quietly complicit. So now that you know exactly what kind of filth your dollars are going to support, I am asking as a concerned fellow American that you make a choice; choose to stop footing the bill for putting hatemongers like Michael Savage on there air, or choose to let it be known that your organization will continue to support his extremist views with your advertising dollars.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding your decision. I will wait (two weeks/30 days) for a reply before publishing your lack of response online.

Yours truly,

On of the genuinely remarkable things about America is that for the price of a few minutes of your time and $0.31 you can still make a little rebellion and help push back the ignorant armies.


Anonymous said...

Drifty, postage is now $0.41 for a first class letter. Wish I were a Chicagoan so I could participate. But I love this approach to scumbags like Savage. Pablo

Woody (Tokin' Lib'rul/Rogue Scholar & O'erall Helluvafella!) said...

drifty, ol bud...great work...

it would please me no end to see the savage weiner (is it 'weener' or 'whiner'?) hoist on his reeking, dripping, odious petard.

In pursuit of that end, i am posting a link on a couple of lefty blogs here.

You must have just listened to the show to get that list of advertizers. Or do you have a trained monkey? It'd be more than I could bear to wade through that dreck. Isn't there some expedient by which you wouldn't have to actually listen to the shit-heel's drivel? Please say there is?

cheers, cher

The Minstrel Boy said...

damn brilliant. i just so happen to have a sheet of stamps left over from my holiday card mailings. they will be put to good use. one of the things i've learned from my years as a jingle whore is that advertisers are extremely sensitive to the folks who write in. it means that the ads were money well spent. they were heard, and they were noticed. just like we found out with imus, when somebody is changed from an asshole who makes them shitloads of money into an asshole who costs them even one thin dime, the axe falls swiftly and surely.

JC said...

I don't think you have to be from Chicago to send a letter/email concerning this to a national company. I think I'll write to Buffalo Wild Wings as they have outlets all over the place. And if they know that their support of Savage in one market can affect their bottom line in multiple markets, maybe they'll be more likely to change their ways.

alyssa said...

I am in Chicago. I occasionally flip over to listen to the boobs on WIND out of morbid curiosity or a need to become so enraged I will be unable to fall asleep at the wheel. The name of the station never fails to amuse me, since it calls to my mind primarily flatulence or, if I'm feeling less adolescent, hot air.

Thanks for compiling the info Drifty! When I write these advertisers I plan to suggest that they direct their advertising dollars instead to WCPT, the only leftie station in Chicago. If you ask me, the fact that Librul Chicago has only ONE (and not even full-time) leftie talk station speaks volumes to the overwhelming control the righties have acquired over our media.

cher said...

Thank you Mr Drifty for doing all the leg can we NOT play our individually small part in all of this and do what we need to do?

Consider it done!

Anonymous said...

Michael Savage is at times pompous but he is dead right on a lot of issues and never have I heard anything said by him that could be considered hate speech. There is more hate speech directed at him on this ridulous blog that I just stumbled onto then I have ever heard from him since I started to listen to him about 6 years ago.

driftglass said...

I know you are...
I know you are...
I know you are...
but what am I?

What? Am? I?