Friday, November 16, 2007

American Delphic

"Buy me another pony, Pappy, and tell me some more about what 'The American People' really want.”

“Shut up you cow; they’re on to us!”

(Click here for poster-sized and h/t “Philly” from this post for the idea.)


¡El Gato Negro! said...

Joo know joo so chingado rock for thees.

Jes joo do.

res ipsa loquitur said...


Bravo, dg.

Blue Gal said...

Sometimes your work is funny as hell and sometimes as res ipsa says it's just a "wow" moment. No smiles, not laughs, just, wow.

And yeah, "Philly" is right on da money. I love it when commenters actually say something new and add to the mix like that.

Bustednuckles said...


spooked said...

Awesome. Simply awesome.

prof fate said...


Now that's a poster I'd love to hang on my wall. (Get the darts ready, Maw!)

Veritas said...

That is just plain brilliant. I lub me some internets!

Distributorcap said...

i just cannot stop laughing at that picture

broder is HOT!