Wednesday, February 07, 2007

3000 A.D.

Archaeologists find remains of Bush, Lieberman.


drbopperthp said...

This is what happens to you when you keep smokin' that dilithium crystal meth shit. Uh - BTW, know where a brother can get a hookup???

Terry said...

Shouldn't Lieberman's head be down around Bush's ass?

Malacandra said...

Has anybody here seen a blogger named driftglass?
Can you tell me where he's gone
He flamed a lot of people,
but the good burn out young,
I turned around and he was gone...

... and replaced by a one word linkbot?

Although the picture of The Dying Kiss cracks me up.

Walt said...

I just finished reading about it on the CNN site, and everyone was sighing and moaning about The Lovers.

Since they haven't freed the skeletons from the matrix yet, wouldn't it be amusing if the skeletons turned out to both be male?

Anonymous said...

Better yet, they find each one holding a bronze dagger lodged into their respective spines.

Skunqesh said...

Petrified Porn,



¡El Gato Negro! said...

¡Piping Hot, Fresh, Integriliciousness!

Today's Specialty:

"Context" and the Lies of the Zombie!


ripley said...

That's fucking precious!

I'm nominating you for a 2007 Koufax, right now, and damn them if they won't accept it!

Anonymous said...

Bad Kitty! Bad Link!

Anonymous said...

Goddammit. Spit droplets on the monitor a-gain. And I think I pulled something in my side.

Bit my finger stifling laughter, too.

Damn you to hell, you magnificent-son-of-a-b*tch.


jurassicpork said...

Why didn't I think of this when I first saw it? Because Lieberman never looked this good.

What the hell's going on with this site, btw?

driftglass said...

Thank you, sir.

Experimenting with A-listing.

I think I may have gotten this blogging thing all backwards.

Long, thoughtfully composed pieces are so pre-01/02/07.

Six posts a day, eleven words apiece with 3-4 paragraphs of text copy/pasted from elsewhere and a link from the same dozen sources seems to be the key to kingdom.

Turns out, yeah, I can manage that. Shit, I can manage that between the time I shower and the time I leave for my real job(s) :-)

skunqesh said...

Drift, A-Listing? Dang. There goes the neighborhood...

Better you should get hired by a long shot prezzy candidate as a netroots camp-pain manager and be publicly lashed by the likes of Malkin (in fishnets and stillettos), Donohue (also in fish nets and stillettos), and Falafel Bill (leather chaps with dry loofah in hand).

The big question is - who would wear the naughty school girl outfit first?


litbrit said...

I *heart* drriftglass.

Mags said...