Saturday, March 17, 2018

Donald Trump: America's Treason Tribble (tm)

 Each new scandal is born pregnant with the next scandal incubating inside of it.

Behold, a Tip Jar!


Charles Pierce said...

Aye, he's in the machinery, too.

Dave McCarthy said...

fucking brilliant AND alliterative! :-D

John said...

Reminds me of Aeschylus' Agamemnon:

Not bliss nor wealth it is, but impious deed,
From which that after-growth of ill doth rise!
Woe springs from wrong, the plant is like the seed-
While Right, in honour's house, doth its own likeness breed.

Some past impiety, some grey old crime,
Breeds the young curse, that wantons in our ill,
Early or late, when haps th'appointed time-
And out of light brings power of darkness still,
A master-fiend, a foe, unseen, invincible;

freshsideofhell said...

My thought on this week's fun time... He has the house and Senate he needs, now he getting his cabinet he needs to be safe from the 25th.

Robt said...

I believe you are mistaken.

I see David Dennisson's Treasonous Tribble.

Not to be confused with the Trump Holy Mulligan.

jim said...


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