Friday, September 16, 2016

Professional Left Podcast #354

"Fascism is a religion."
--   Benito Mussolini



Bruce.desertrat said...

Bigger basket

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Well, this zombie loves to listen to you guys talk.

Also, congrats on the JD acceptance to Carthage College. Ignore the damage that Turdwaffle has done to the public college in this beleaguered state. Also, best of luck in paying for private college; we are in the (hopefully) last year of paying for Young Zombie's tenure at MSOE....

Love you guys. Linked at least once one Facebook....

banker puppy said...


I don’t read David “The Lord of His Bubble” Brooks or watch him on TV anymore. Haven’t for years.

I used to read your commentary on him frequently. Now it’s occasionally. You’re good at it. But because TLOHB is predictable –sanctimonious, authoritarian, laughably unaware of American life outside His Bubble, and childishly desperate for humanity to homogenize according Its ways—there are only so many tableaus in which you can present his columns to your readers.

I respect that this is a niche of yours and that it’s well received by a percentage of your readers. At the same time, you and Blue Gal live in an epicenter for ‘How Rich Conservatives Obstruct Progressives and Use Their Wealth to Buy the Government that Will Make Them Wealthier (and Other Bedtime Stories).’ Springfield is a battleground where political ideologies, big personalities, and financial realities clash. The outcomes reverberate across the state. Progressives outside the state need to hear more about them and learn from them.

Might this be a fertile ground for your talents on occasion?

dinthebeast said...

OK, two things:
Heaven and hell. Twilight Zone episode called Hell's Bells, in which a hippie crashes his car and goes to "hell" where he is confronted with an old codger showing an endless stack of slides from his vacation and doesn't know who the Beatles are. He ends up face down on the floor beating his fists on it yelling "Bummer! Bummer!" over and over.

Also, the "They weren't the little green suckers we thought they were, either, turns out they were eight feet tall, black, and they were pissed." That was Robin Williams on his stand up album "Reality, What a Concept" which last I checked was on YouTube.
Not through listening to the podcast yet, so I might be back, but I knew that if I didn't stop and write this now, I would forget what I was gonna write like I did last week.

-Doug in Oakland

Don P said...

Unfortunately it wasn't until Rep. Barbara Lee's interview with Rachel Maddow on Friday night that I FINALLY saw someone on TV tie birtherism in with all the BS the Republicans have been pulling the last 8 years, and how it has actually effected every day policy. Their bad faith negotiating during the ACA, the sabotage during the recovery, "Our entire goal should be to make him a one term President", and how it has actually hurt Jim Bob Cooter in SisterFuck Arkansas. Naturally buried in the D block of the Maddow show on a Friday.

jim said...

My heaven = a lab that doubles as a TARDIS.

The scale of the basket is indexed by the collective consciousness of the measurers ... & we have now the vast & terrible engine of the Interwebs to enhance that consciousness to a condition that is nothing if not unique. Need for radical progress doesn't often enjoy both popular demand & opportunity to capitalize on that popularity quickly & successfully. The expressed wistful yen for a WWW-killswitch & the online Light Brigade Charge of ads are compromises from cultures allergic to compromise, whose cadres' constant galloping impotence in the face of the joyfully piratical ingenuity of the proles in thwarting them explains their ghostly pallor of late.

One might argue that there is a real threat of pathologically aggressive application of "The PC Menace" (AKA progress) by government actors - a sinister shadow that will surely succeed the onset of a social order fully predicated on scientific reality, some mere five or six million autumns hence. Before that dark day? No quarter for the dipshits.

dinthebeast said...

Damn, I was wrong: it wasn't a Twilight Zone at all, it was a Night Gallery.

-Doug in Oakland