Friday, July 29, 2016

Postgame: The Philly Festival of Optimism and Faith vs. The Craven Cleveland Clusterf#ck

Back in April (remember April?) before the rough winds of objective reality finally blew the last of the darling buds of #NeverTrump to ash, you might recall that Donald Trump was having big big fun mocking the RNC for running such dumb, boring conventions. What they needed was a little Trump-brand show biddnizz! (emphasis added):
Compounding the challenges facing organizers are the expectations of Donald Trump, who asserted in an interview that he should have at least partial control over programming, stagecraft and other issues by virtue of his front-runner status — even if he does not have the delegates to secure the nomination beforehand.

Trump blasted the GOP’s last convention, in Tampa four years ago, as “the single most boring convention I’ve ever seen.” The billionaire real estate mogul and reality-television star said it was imperative that this year’s gathering have a “showbiz” quality — and he cast doubt on the ability of the Republican National Committee, which oversees the convention, to deliver.

“It’s very important to put some showbiz into a convention, otherwise people are going to fall asleep,” Trump said in a 45-minute interview here last week in his Trump Tower office. “We don’t have the people who know how to put showbiz into a convention.”
And so it should come as no surprise that,  like every other failed Trump enterprise, now that Donald Trump's Nuremberg on the Cuyahoga* is in the books as a catastrophe -- an entirely avoidable catastrophe -- Don the Con wants to jet the hell away from the disaster he created and leave it to other poor schmucks to clean up his mess (emphasis added):
It might have been a less notable contrast if Mr. Trump’s show had not been such a break from the tightly scripted performance that has come to typify these conventions. In Cleveland, an important endorser, Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa, started speaking after the broadcast networks had already moved on to local news (Republican Party officials argued Thursday that they should have shown her instead); Mr. Trump called in to “The O’Reilly Factor” while Patricia Smith was speaking emotionally onstage about her son’s death in the Benghazi attack; and one night’s program ended prematurely, leaving precious prime-time minutes unused.

Asked about the differences, Mr. Trump said he could not speak to them with much specificity, because “I didn’t produce our show — I just showed up for the final speech on Thursday.”
Meanwhile as the Democrats enjoy the warm afterglow of the most brilliantly staged, humane, optimistic, generous and inclusive convention in memory, the usual suspects are doing the usual things.

Counterprogramming Khizr Khan's moving tribute to his fallen son with one more shitty little Benghaaazi hit job:
Fox News Plays Benghazi Commercial Over Khizr Khan's Anti-Trump Speech At The Democratic National Convention

Fox News Plays Katy Perry Song After Khan Leaves Stage
Obsessing over allegedly missing flags:
Don the Con Talks To Murrica About Flags (And Other Scary Wingnut Bedtime Stories)
Obsessing over allegedly missing flag pins:
NC Gop Gets Tim Kaine's Flag Pin Horribly Wrong [UPDATED]
Even more obsessing over allegedly missing flag pins:

America's premiers crackpot reverse-mortgage hero whispering darkly of the Terrible Sekrit Liberal Media Conspiracy that keeps the ALL CAPS TRUTH away from the Murrican People:

And projectile vomiting Republican-brand racism all over everything:

To his marginal credit, even a shitbag as capacious as Erick son of Erick finally could not supress his gag reflex any more:
Perhaps someone could scare up the address of the cave in which Erick son of Erick has been living and writing horrid things on the wall in his own poo for the last decade and start forwarding to him some of the email I see every fucking day.

Meanwhile, despite his temporary shock at how deranged the Republican Party suddenly became 10 minutes ago, The Sad Clown of Centrism clearly knows which side his bread is buttered on (spoiler: It's Both Sides!)

*I checked and found that I probably lifted this Melania Trump-style from bowtiejack in my own comment section, who was passing it on from somewhere else.


Lit3Bolt said...

"You have sacrificed nothing."

It's so true, and so devastating, against Trump. It cuts away his "always winning" narrative. Trump has gotten away with being a parasitical gadfly on America for too long. Time to get the tweezers.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Am I the only one that thinks of Tobias Funke's "Never-Nudes" when seeing #NeverTrump?

RUKidding said...

I've never been a fan of either convetion. The D party over the past several days is to be given the nod for provding a much more positive viewpoint, thankyewverymuch, which wasn't hard given the nutso insane dark vision yelled at us by Bane, er, Trump.

That said: Gasp! Shriek!!1! Hillbot din't wear a flag pin????1

That DOES IT!!11!! Simply can't vote for her based solely on that factoid alone. Thanks, GOP.

Dumbing down the dumbing down for the dumbest of the dumbest for the past 4+ decades.

As for the Coultergeist: I won't even. Bitch, please.

trgahan said...

"....the usual suspects are doing the usual things."

And the usual suspects will continue to look ridiculous to all except an shrinking, yet overly paid attention to, audience while they hope and pray they don't hear from the guy who signs their paychecks office "Well, god damn it! If they aren't selling it, then find me people who can!"

I'm waiting for the aftermath of the first debate when Trump drops the C word on live TV.

Robt said...

This brings to mind, product sales disclaimers.

What should the disclaimers read for Von Cheese stick's product?

I will make america Great Again?

I have the best words?

I hire the best smartest people?

I know and like Putin, he is great. He makes a decision and does it?

Captured American soldiers are not heroes?

As a very brilliant smart man, I have no idea who David Duke is,even when tweeting back and forth with him?

I want Russia to hack my American political opponent to help disgrace her. Please Mr Putin?

A plethora of sales advertising that should require disclaimers.

may cause the obvious anal leakage, prolonged use leads to bankruptcy.
Hires the best people that he has to fire for their failures. Putting Americans back to work, but not paying them like the solid gold patriotic nationalist little girl song and dance troop. That worked for Trump, but did not get paid?
He only said putting folks to work and nothing of paying them.
Should the corporate media provide disclaimers?

-The partisan funded hack who falsely accused (victim) who works for this network and claims there has been others who did the same to justify our employees partisan hack at (said victim) has been rationalized as both sides do it.
You know, I can rob this bank, I can shoot and kill someone for saying hello to me in a tone I feel threatened by because, other people do it.

Disclaimers should be required by law, even for political product advertising.

Unknown said...

Images. There are two images burned in my brain, one from each convention.
The first is the Donald as Adam Cutler. Both the speech and the stagecraft were right out of V for Vendetta. He parodied himself better than anyone in Hollywood could have.
Second was a Marine 4 star general endorsing HRC. Sure there were better speeches, more touching stories, but this guy WAS a Marine General. He spoke like one, and he bowled me over.
It might not turn out to be the landslide it should, but the Yam is cooked.

crweaver said...

The whole Trump campaign has reminded me and many others of The Producers, but it also reminds me of that Seinfeld episode("The Millennium"), where, in a subplot, George is offered a job with the Mets, but must first get fired by the Yankees. His various stunts, however, results not in offending Yankee mgmt, but in garnering their approval!
Any day now, I expect Donald to run through a campaign venue wearing a flesh colored body suit.

Yastreblyansky said...

"I compare things and then I say they're the same. How is that an equivalence?"

Rodnchance said...

I need to know, as did Nicole Wallace, on MSNBC after Hillary's most excellent speech, when are the Democrats going to reach out to Republicans and do the things that will bring bi-partisanship to America.
At the same time I do not need to know the answer to this question that will not be asked, 'when will Republicans reach out to Democrats to help bring bi-partisanship to America'? Rachel, Chris, Laurence, Chuck? Hello, anyone home?

Unknown said...

Ann Coulter never disappoints. Always disgusting.

Unknown said...

roadandchance: for christ's fucking sake. President Obama spent 6 fucking years reaching out to Republicans, offering multiple deals along the way that infuriated liberals just to get a fucking budget passed or the fucking debt-ceiling raised. The goddamned grand bargain was a giveaway to those assholes and they reneged on their end of it the first chance they got. Nicole Wallace is a sweetie-pie now that her party has nominated a slobbering hyena, but she's asking the same ask the Republicans always do: ``How come you won't give us EVERYTHING WE WANT?'' Fuck Nicole Wallace, fuck both sides.

Rodnchance said...

Unknown: Totally agree with your assessment of Nicole Wallace. 6 years was at least 3 years to many to give to them. I remember when he was first in office how it was 'How much is he willing to give up in compromising with the Republicans'? Never, ever, how much would they give up to Obama and I do not expect to see any change in that if that little twit Nicole is any example.

Unknown said...

I'm confused. So, thick accents only count if you're Muslim? If you're from, say, Slovenia and have a thick accent, it's "charming" because you're not Muslim?

Oh, nevermind. Logic and nuance are foreign concepts to people like Coulter. She's exactly what the good Rev. William Barber was talking about...phoney "Christians" who use religion to feather their own nests and deceive the rubes. I'd really like to rip that cross off that she wears around her neck.

Paul said...

"The Sad Clown of Centrism clearly knows which side his bread is buttered on (spoiler: It's Both Sides!)"

This is a beautiful phrase. Thank you.