Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Donald Trump Is To Fox News As Fox News Is To Real News

(h/t Heather and Dave at Crooks and Liars!)

It is absolutely delicious to see Resting Bitchface Wingnut and Zombie Gumby Wingnut swapping incredulities over the fact that Donald Trump's followers don't give the tiniest damn about facts or logic or even day-to-day consistency.  OMFG!  Donald Trump can announce something today and then completely reversing himself tomorrow and -- horrors! -- his squealing orc army Does Not Care.

And the batshit wind beneath Ben Carson's wings is not coming at the expense of Trump, but rather from the menagerie of the broken, whiny losers who are scrambling for scraps and whose only hope of camera time on any major network is if they manage to somehow photobomb the cable new's wall-to-wall Trumpapalooza.  Which means at this point, the combined support for Big Cray-cray and Lil' Cray-cray makes up more than half of all support for the entire GOP field, including "Nobody" and "Undecided".

As I wrote last month, Brit Hume's employer has spent 20 years and hundreds of millions of dollars training Fox News viewers to proudly ignore facts and logic and even day-to-day consistency and automatically rally to the defense of any bombastic Fox News a$$hole with high ratings who says he being unfairly attacked.  And so as he looks on in horror at a loud, preening trashmouth bigot commanding a loyal legion of fact-averse imbeciles who are taking over his playground and declares -- aghast! --  that he has never seen anything like it before, I have to wonder whether Brit Hume has ever actually bothered to watch Fox News at all:


bowtiejack said...

There are a lot of comments on the blogs to the effect that Trump is just building his "brand" and doesn't really want to be President. Sorry to disagree. He's one sick puppy. He's a classic Machiavellian narcissist (i.e. will do and has done anything to get what he's "entitled" to).

Everything is cast in terms of "winning" (not justice, morality or fairness, but "winning" is everything and the theme of his campaign). Like narcissists generally he believes in his own specialness and superiority over all others. Oh, did i mention that narcissists do not feel any of the rules apply to them?

The more troubling question is whether his immigrant sadism carries him over into Dark Triad territory.

It does not get any coverage, but his core personality trait is not outrageous cuteness, but nastiness. He is a VERY nasty person once the TV lights are off. Back in the 80's (when he was married to Ivana) the word in NY was that everyone who worked for or around him spent 50% of their time worrying about not angering him, with one exception. The exception was Ivana who spent 90% of her time worrying.

Unknown said...

The folks sitting on top of Bullshit Mountain are wondering where the smell is coming from.