Friday, July 10, 2015

When I Saw This Headline

"A Tantrum Masquerading as Governance"
I thought for a brief, disorienting moment that I had awakened in a world where the Liberal critique of the Donald Trump Party had finally started to break through. Where we were perhaps finally ready to give up on playing the ludicrous "Both Sides" game and start talking about the best ways to isolate and ultimately cure the radical derangement of the Republican Party.

But nah. The story had nothing to do with that.

It was just George Effing Will  -- the 18th century's greatest expert on the habits of Aeolus, Aether and the other Sky Gods who control the winds and the shining light under the dome of the heavens -- writing about how the people of Greece should just shut the fuck up and do exactly as the Iron Bank of Davos of Braavos commands:
A Tantrum Masquerading as Governance

George Will/The Washington Post

WASHINGTON -- When Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras decided to call a referendum on a bailout offer from Greece's creditors -- an offer that expired before Sunday's referendum -- he informed the Greek nation in a televised speech. At 1 a.m.

Mediterranean lifestyles are different. Greece's chosen style of living is dependent on others' choices. 
Tsipras is a peculiar phenomenon, a defiant mendicant...
See, the desiccated remains of George Effing Will actually can form sentences like  "A Tantrum Masquerading as Governance".  It's just that he is paid an enormous amount of money to point them in the wrong direction.  


dinthebeast said...

He's not the only one in his party who sees voting as a tantrum...

-Doug in Oakland

Kathleen O'Neill said...

Shorter George Will: "When will dancing, drinking dusky people stop asking responsible white people for hand outs?"

John said...

Actually, I think the best commentary on the Germany/Greek crisis comes from "The Human Centipede," a marvelous meditation on the insanity of European rationalism. Let us create a world where all the different parts are forced to eat each other's waste.

John said...

Oh, and Greeks actually work more than Germans. And the Germans are, according to Picketty, the biggest welshers on debts of all time.