Wednesday, May 20, 2015

If There's One Thing Worse Than A Cabal Of Neocon Scumbags Lying Us Into The Wrong War

It's a buncha goddamn mouthy Liberals who still keep pointing out that we were lied into the wrong war by a cabal of Neocon scumbags.



Behold the kind of mind-bending idiocy which now walks the land in broad daylight and unashamed because we didn't listen to the alarms being raised by certain goddamn mouthy Liberals and torch the fucking Both Siderist whelping box ten years ago.

From "The Week":
Why liberals tell themselves comforting fables about the Iraq War
[by] Damon Linker
Oh this won't be good.

Yeah, it starts off OK --
In case you've been dozing for a dozen years, or lack the intellectual sophistication of a moderately well-informed college student, the Grand Plan isn't working out too well.

That's bad — though I'd be at least somewhat consoled if politicians and commentators on either side of the aisle showed signs of having learned the right lessons from this world-historical debacle. But no. The Republicans have tripled down on their toughness shtick, insisting against the continent-sized pile of contrary evidence that the world is better off without Hussein in power. (Better for whom, one might ask? The hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who've been killed in the convulsions of violence we unleashed by deposing Hussein? The even greater number of Iraqis, especially Iraqi Christians, who've been displaced by that violence? The people suffering under the Islamic State across wide swaths of western Iraq? The mullahs of Iran who've seen their primary regional rival reduced to an anarchic mess?)
-- but like Socrates' cup of hemlock (vente, skinny, half-syrup, leave room for cream) -- 
But you know what's even more maddening than the GOP's paroxysms of denial?
-- you've got to drink it all, because the good stuff is at the bottom.
The insistence of leading liberals that the Bush administration lied the U.S. into war by deliberately overstating the threat that Hussein and his nonexistent stockpile of weapons of mass destruction posed to America and the region.
Then, at no extra charge to you the customer, your barista adds in whipped cream and sprinkles --
David Brooks called this story a "fable" in a recent column, and that's exactly what it is.
-- and, a complimentary Both Siderist cherry on top (emphasis added):
It's long past time for both parties to leave behind their comforting fables about Iraq.
David Brooks has spent the decade teaching an entire generation of wannabe pundits to sing in perfect harmony from his Church of Lyin'tology hymnal.

This is what their song sounds like.


bluicebank said...

It's the Cassandra curse, Driftglass, and you've got it in spades. And bless you. I had it, too, and then figured that for sanity's sake, I would become a verbal bomb-thrower at the knuckle-draggers of our time. (Hint: Harry their troops, even one at a time if required.)

But damned if those Cro-Magnons didn't bring up the Iraq War AGAIN, and repeat their bullshit.

How many times do we have to fight the [strike, Vietnam War] Iraq invasion? Because going up against today's Conservatives is like trying to defeat that asshole Giáp, who didn't care a wit about military losses, much like the neocons don't care a wit about facts on the ground.

Which makes for a bad anology, but it's all I got here. So I'll recover, and harry the troops on the other side ... just so they know somebody's fucking with them.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

This whole piece was about Mr. Linker defending his self-image.

“How do I know? Because I was a sentient observer of American politics in the late 1990s and early years of the 2000s.”

“Like just about every Democrat and Republican in Washington, I assumed Hussein maintained a covert WMD program and probably possessed stockpiles of such weapons.”

“What a relief it must be to exonerate oneself from complicity in a catastrophic mistake by portraying oneself as an innocent victim of a diabolical plot.”

What kind of “sentient,” responsibility-taking person would Mr. Linker be if he didn’t see what the rest of us saw?

I also love the either-or proposition here. I can’t admit some Democrats screwed the pooch AND think the Bush Administration lied.

Enjoy your day.

Kevin Holsinger

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Yeah, you can find some dogmatic leftist pundits if you look hard enough.

So there is that kernel of truth in the "Both Sides" fable.

However, the fable strenuously overlooks the plain fact that the dogmatic leftist pundits do not enjoy the massively-subsidized mass media platforms that the dogmatic rightist pundits do, and so are not nearly as effective as the rightists.


If I may wander away from the topic a bit, one unintentionally entertaining dogmatic leftist is Andre Vltchek, who usually pops in on the weekend online edition of Counterpunch. He has his own website as well.

The poor guy still thinks Communism was a noble cause, which fell only due to outside pressure and internal corruption.

He still defends North Fornicating Korea, for Haruhi's sake.

I love the guy; reading him is like finding a living dodo.

As a bonus, he writes in the same hyper-dramatic fashion that Shatner played Kirk.

jim said...

"Historical amnesia will continue until our batting average improves!"

Anonymous said...

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