Monday, June 25, 2012

Centrism Triumphant


In case you missed Jon Stewart's award-verging "interview" with Marco Rubio, here is your rush transcript of Senator Rubio's answer to Jon Stewart every single time Mr. Stewart tried very respectfully to point out that Senator Rubio was, um, lying, and that the relentless, pathological obstructiveness of the Republican Party was unmatched by anything Democrats have done in modern history.

"Both sides..."

"Well, you know, both sides..."

"Both Democrats and Republicans..."

"That's just politics..."

"The Democrats left us no choice..."

"Both sides..."

"Democrats and Republicans..."

"Both sides..."

"Both Democrats and Republicans..."

And so forth, to the point of being comical.

Like every other Republican culture war criminal, Senator Rubio has been conditioned within an inch of his life to always answer any question about the unique perfidy and hypocrisy of his political Party with the Big Lie of Centrism and to refuse to stop repeating the Big Lie of Centrism until the questions stop regardless of circumstances.

Or, as I have repeated in this blog to point of hoarse tedium:
The Centrism of "Both Sides Do It!" is the spider hole into which the Pig People scuttle every time another tenet of their loathsome ideology blows up in their face.

Of course, if you are still a Conservative in the Year of Our Lord 2012, I expect nothing better. Your are a cultural dead-loss and beyond redemption and while the rest of us may be required to share a country with you, we are under no obligation to treat you with anything other than contempt.

But the Pig People would be nothing but a minor nuisance -- a boil on the ass of democracy -- without their Centrists who keep the "Both Sides Do It" spider hole well-furnished and open for business. Pound for pound, Centrism is the biggest and most debilitating lie in American politics bar none. It is the Big Lie that makes all the little lies possible, which is why I focus so hard on those who traffic in it. They are the ones most vulnerable to and terrified of being called out in public. They are the ones we must run out of the media on a rail.


Anonymous said...

can I just ask...if not centrist, then.....?....

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sir Driftglass, for putting intellectual lipstick on that Centrism Pig.

Only thing I did when Teh Brown Hope Rubio showed at Jon Stewart's desk is hit MUTE and rip Dear Jon a new one--
Again with the right-wing arse wipes!! Why waste our time, Stew Meat???

Next time I'll watch with analytical contempt, and spit at the screen.

Christine said...

If not centrist then....TRUTH
The center of a piece of shit is still shit.

Batocchio said...
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Batocchio said...

For the chattering class, the truth is socially rather than empirically determined. Their brand of "wisdom" is the result of scurrying to find some middle ground between shifting points, one of those completely unmoored by reality or decency. The outlook, judgment and advice of the centrist pundit is all based on the cosmetic. (Imagine Eddie Haskell sucking up, or that precocious Brooks child of the picture.)

alise said...

I've said this before and I'll say it again. Identifying yourself as a "centrist" or an "independent" only proves that you lack the courage of your convictions. We've got a saying here in Texas about politics, which we play as a bloodsport... "The only thing in the middle of the road is yellow stripes and dead armadillos".

Centrist "journalism", on the other hand is an entirely different animal. That is simply giving aid and comfort to the enemy, no more, no less.