Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Driftglass and Blue Gal Special Podcast


"The Shellacking that Dare Not Speak It's Name" Edition This is a semi-fictional account of an exchange between Roger Ailes -- the Chief Propagandist of the American Fascist Party -- and Arianna Huffington, which was "moderated" by Barbara Walters (oh joy!) on “This Week” yesterday:
... Roger Ailes: Everybody hates Sarah Palin because her book sold well. Fox News is Fair and Balanced. I’m not in politics. I’m in the rating business. Arianna Huffington: Then why did you cut away from the event in Baltimore? You were the only network that… Ailes: Because suck my dick is why. Walters: We have to go now!
What bother mentioning it? Because this snippy little skid-mark in the underpants of the Mouse Circus was just about the most serious and lengthy exchange regarding the Baltimore Beatdown to be found anywhere on Sunday morning network political teevee yesterday (and other than the two hours of special coverage that MSNBC allocated to breaking down and discussing what was arguably one of the most significant political events in recent memory, it might well also be the most serious and lengthy exchange undertaken by any broadcast media anywhere.) Remember, Baltimore was not a Democratic Party PR stunt; this was the leader of the Free World and the head of the majority political party of the most powerful nation on Earth fielding question from 140 members of the opposition, on their stage, on their home turf., and at their invitation. And if President Obama had bungled it, I guarantee you, that is ALL you would be seeing on every network today. If Obama had bungled it – even a sliver of it – there would be a Fox!News!Alert running --

 -- every 30 minutes for the next month announcing that Fox would be re-animating the corpses of Lee Atwater and Jefferson Davis to join Karl Rove and a cartoon rabbit in a Fair and Balanced discussion of whether or not Obama was the mastermind of the evil Commie plot to destroy America, or merely a stooge of that plot. But Obama made no false steps. No mistakes. Instead he carved the GOP up like a pot roast, in their own back yard, using the weapons they provided, while outnumbered 140-to-1. Which is why you are not going to hear a fucking peep about it. Except, of course, right here :-)


Anonymous said...

Bonus Driftglass and Bluegal. How wonderful! THANK YOU! Once again, just the right tone. . intelligent, inciteful, well paced, well balanced and oh so necessary.

Habitat Vic said...

Love you both, Drifty & BlueGal.

Despite my malaise these last few months, I too agree that the Republican Party will eventually collapse upon itself. Even if they win back one or both chambers of Congress this November (in fact, maybe more so) or even win the White House in 2012 or 2016, they will still collapse upon themselves at some point.

My concern is less what new/revised political party comes out the other side of that collapse, but rather what happens when that collapse occurs. While I think its still an unlikely outcome (hope so anyway), I no longer think its tinfoil-hat territory to worry about a desperate, dying Republican party trying to grab power in the US. I didn't think that 10 years ago.

bagdaddy said...

bluedriftgalglass talky real good. me think better now.

Graham Firchlis said...

Most compelling political encounter since the Kennedy-Nixon debates.

Silence on the beatdown from FOX and the rest of the MSM is sadly to be expected. What is most shocking to me is the muted, downbeat commentary coming from the Left, which should have been in an uproarious celebration of high-fives and crowing.

So many people in the Lefty blogosphere have been so incessantly hostile to Obama for so long that to praise him even faintly requires an admission of possible error too large for their egos to swallow. They need to consider that the concept of being “boxed in by rhetoric” applies to them as well as the Republicans.

Thanks to you both for being deliberately rational. I feel less lonely when I stop by here.

Fran / Blue Gal said...

What Graham said. Even though it was me on 'dere. :) Thanks Graham.

Asian-American Pundit said...

Great photoshop works as always! And yes the liberal media bias is soooo bad, that they didn't really cover or talk about the whooping Obama did to the mousy House GOP.


But then we gots the Driftglass and the BlueGal rockin the mics! TYVM.

Grung_e_Gene said...

The analogy which I imagine is that of Zatoichi slicing through and cutting down swaths of villains time and again. Obama glennbecked (i.e. slaughtered) the Republicans without so much as a 3" x 5" notecard.

Anonymous said...

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