Friday, March 22, 2019

Professional Left Podcast #486

“It is legal because I wish it.”
-- Louis XIV

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Andrew Dimitrov said...

Hiya Driftglass. Longtime listener, first time commenter. I have a legit question: why is Tulsi Gabbard's candidacy dismissed without discussion on your program? I noticed Sam Bee did the same thing on the episode of Full Frontal mentioned on this week's podcast. What is it about Gabbard that makes this okay?

Thanks for the work you do,


Meremark said...

Either you'all sound like him or he like you. It's the sound of my sanity.

Not so much by words said and much more in the powerful sure voices of truth.

Hear this:
"our massmedia journalists are pathetic, sold-out, mountains of cowardice."


between time counter 07:00 -12:00

Or, enjoy the full 31:00 min tv show of Redacted Tonight. Cue it up, watch what was kept from you this week.

dinthebeast said...

Warren is looking better and better, really, but I'm still stuck in that whole "who would actually do a better job as president" mindset that made me support Hillary Clinton, so maybe I can't be trusted? At least that's what I keep reading.
Fortunately, I couldn't give a fuck about that at gunpoint, so yeah, Warren is looking good right now, and now is very early in the nominating process, so who knows?
The media is losing it's shit right now because the report was released and nobody has seen it yet, but they still have 24 hours a day of content to generate, so this is a time when it's probably better that I don't own a TV or have cable in the house, because you know they would just find ways to make my anxiety worse.
Thank you again for the podcast, and as Briana says, if you can't trust a biker, who can you trust?

-Doug in Oakland

The Big Dee said...

Maybe because she's a warmongering rightist homophobe