Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Florida Man Wanted Fries With That


janet said...

I'd say she got the better of him. He should be arrested for assault.
Also too, Happy New Year to you and Bluegal!

Robt said...


I thought their state NRA law of "Stand your Ground" resolved all of this.?

At least I was told White folks can shoot anyone they feel "threatens them". How well we all know anything in the universe at any given moment can be life threatening to one of America's bravest, patriotic, GOD loving pure as white snow, "just ordering fries with that" pillars of society.

Wonder how this guy would have dealt with trying to sit at a Walgreen's counter in the day if he was of the wrong skin color in the day?

Out of the war on Christmas and right into the war on Fries.
Thanks Trump.!

RRH said...

How America's Proud Boys always like to operate. Pull shit, then play the victim and demand action.

He should have been arrested.

But Proud Boys run the guv'mint, so folks gotta do what they gotta do. Good for her for throwing down. He's lucky she didn't get some hot grease for him.