Friday, December 07, 2018

Professional Left Podcast #470

“I said to Hank Williams, how lonely does it get?
Hank Williams hasn't answered yet
But I hear him coughing all night long
Oh, a hundred floors above me in the Tower of Song."
-- Leonard Cohen

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dinthebeast said...

This has been quite a week, really. While I was using the last of our 6GB of high speed internet to message every subsidized housing option in Alameda and Contra Costa counties (more than 50 of them, I picked a good place to have a stroke) because of our upcoming move, the goddamn Republicans just said fuck it and violated American democracy right out in the light of day, and Fergus' Russian mob affiliated fixer dude was accused in a court filing of criminally enriching his already lavish lifestyle and attempting to attain more status by violating four of the core principles of America and American governance.

So thank you one more time for the mental health break from the corrosive effects of the slow disintegration of Fergus and his felons.

And if you need a private smile or a sarcastic giggle, I just read that Dana Rohrabacher wants to be a Hollywood screenwriter.

-Doug in Oakland

Een van de Zeven said...

Here's the link to the segment with Hayes, Rubin and Pierce on allinwithchris

Robt said...

Can you believe it?
Even on the View. Joy and the Megan McCain Quake over HW Bush left a wide crevice that seems to be opening wider.

As teacher on Strike with a private for profit Charter School wins concessions.
While Education Sec. Ditsy Devos moves to go to the Supreme court of 5 conservative Justices. To squire her prepaid justice ruling that will either strip the teachers of their 1st Amendment right to associate or force the tax payers to fund her private for profit schools operating loses that these teachers won in concessions of their strike,

As the maria Butina (Putin spy) brought into and circulated through the GOP inner upper ranks. Because of that Putin Money funneled into USA/ NRA. Then used to donate direct to GOP campaigns, Run TV ads in support of GOP and donate to GOP PACs. Which gets so little time from our media. I mean even Chuck Toad hasn't spent a moment on air both sidering Russian funneled money through NRA to GOP (Or as he likes to say Dems do this too).
This Butina got into a exclusive Trump donor rally and pretended *asking questions on Russia sanctions) as if she was a reporter. With other Russian officials circulated by the NRA.
This spider leg needs an entomologist to place it under a Microscope and determine the specific breed of Arachnid and how poisonous it is.

Brought to you by, The Resistance/ because there are many battle lines need drawn and manned in opposition of Fascism. Just happy to suport and supply any free critical thinking your capable of. In the REason Universe.

Just know, Space force is foing to need, Postal Unions in Spcae.