Tuesday, December 04, 2018

And Now, Irony Fills Its Pockets With Stones and Walks Into The Sea...

I dunno, Rick,  So far, in cases where such people have enough gullible friends and cynical fellow travelers in the media, they've been very successful at landing lucrative book and lecture deals explaining how they were just doing their job and, anyway, the rot that the destroyed the Republican party only set in five minutes after they left.

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trgahan said...

What do you mean Rick?

With Nancy Pelosi likely to return as speaker and 100 other liberal, mostly brown, women un-interesting in licking Beltway media taint in exchange for airtime are about to descend on Washington....the 2020 campaign attack ad's write themselves for you and your fellow Republican amoral mercenary ratfuckers...er campaign managers....THINK of all the rubles...er shekels....er riyals...sorry, I mean totally legit, clean, fairly earned, and traceable dollars that will be raining down!

We're talking more money than you got for that Tea Party rebranding scam you personally helped pull off.

Robt said...

It is more than obvious that Rick has't been able to get time to look back on so many of his party hacks and lacks.
Newt Gingrich;s wife is the Amb. to the Vatican and Newtie goes on the TV as much as he craps in the toilet.
All those lobby jobs, The FOX contributor (all networks contributors).
The Roger Stone and Corsi, Coultergeists can all find a warm place on the GOP couch of moral aptitude.
When the battery power on these robots wear out. The Koch, Mercers will hire the Bannons to replace their batteries. Joe Scar and the Mike Hucklebee are allowed to barf in your living room everyday. You merely need to tune in.
After the Nunes's crime spree, he remains in the House as the "Staunch compassionate conservative".

Does Rick think Scooter Libby is residing in dire straights? Behind Bars?

Rick is well aware real hard time behind bars are for people of less affluence and incarcerated for much lesser crimes.

Just like Rick's mythical Free Market, Fiscal Conservative debt hawk Republicans.