Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Blocker Awards: Day Four -- The Mocker Blocker Award

Twitter is city dump -- while you might find gold there, don't plan your retirement.  Its full of lunatics and salesmen, which is why occasionally blocking someone on Twitter has become just a matter of good grooming.  Except when the context of doing so is itself such a delightful window onto the soul of the blocker that it deserves special mention.

And thus the Blocker Awards were born.

Monday we handed out the award for Both Sniderism:  those delicate souls who built careers flogging the Big Lie of Both Sides Do It, blocked me for pointing out pointedly that Both Siderism was bullshit, and who then reversed their position entirely without ever acknowledging that they had ever believed otherwise.

Tuesday we handed out the award in the How Greenwald Was My Valley category: hardy Greenwald myrmidons and fair weather "friends" who flipped out when I started writing about Mr. Greenwald's flaws, lies and hypocrisies.

Wednesday we handed out the award in the Never Trumper Historical Revisionism category:  that band of Conservative entrepreneurs who ruthlessly dismember and misrepresent the past for profit and professional advancement and who cannot abide anyone who shows up to their Lethe Orgy with a buzz-killing sack full of inconvenient history.

And today we hand-recount your ballots -- even from people who went around the block and changed hat just so they could vote twice! -- to determine the winner in the Blocker Award in the Mocker Blockers category.

A Mocker Blocker is someone who mocks people who block others on Twitter as feeble and pusillanimous while at virtually the same time blocking someone (in this case me) on Twitter for making them look stupid.   The Mocker Blocker is such a rare and special creature that only two were nominated this year, and since each case is compelling in its own, shabby way, the judges have ruled it a tie.  So --
Professional Republican poo-flinger Rick Wilson and ... 
Noted Hollywood character actor who is just plain off his fucking wingnut rocker Nick Searcy 
-- come on down and claim your joint Blocker Award!

For story behind each nominee's award-winning performance see "Rick Wilson is a Delicate Little Wisp of a Man" and "Nick and Me".

Of course under the "Two men enter!  One man leaves!" rules of combat under which we now operate, this means that eventually Messrs. Searcy and Wilson will have to enter Wingnut Thunderdome and fight to the death.


Tomorrow: The Blocker Award for The Roll of Honor.

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Robt said...

Never Trumper Historical Revisionism

The CDC has announce serious warnings of this epidemic.

It seems, they are like Zombies. They have fleeting glimpses of glorious patriotism that never was. Pained by the inability of being self aware they are in a Cult.

They knew from Him Jones republican wing of the party. That when they were asked to drink the Kool Aid. And those that did not saw what happened to those true believers that did.
Now that Trump wants them to drink his Kool Aid. they want to be seen as a devout believer just not a dead one.

Only a zombie never Trumper would not have noticed the white supremacists, the hate America patriot or the proud conservative values of , "Rather being a Russian than a Democrat".
All of this for their one percenter masters.