Friday, November 30, 2018

Professional Left Podcast #469

“Man is what he believes."
-- Anton Chekhov, writer

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1 comment:

dinthebeast said...

Yesterday, when I was in Highland Hospital to pick up my prescription and get a blood draw (awesome phlebotomist, it was over like that and didn't even hurt) we saw this Hispanic man wearing a shirt that said:"TRUMP, CHILL, I'm here legally." We laughed, but he wasn't smiling, which is understandable.

And I just read that Nancy Pelosi has made a leadership position for Barbara Lee after she lost in her bid to become caucus chair. I think she's going to be a third co-chair on the steering committee, which sounds like a good job for her. I think she would have been a great caucus chair, but hopefully Hakeem Jeffries will be also, while being the younger (he's 48) democrat learning party leadership we so desperately need.

And bye bye Ryan. Now we just have to make sure he stays gone, because as a career long media-friendly fraud, he's prime Republican presidential material, and you know he'll do it if we let him.
I remember a phone conversation with my sister back in 2012 where I mentioned how much I didn't want Romney to be president, and she answered that Mitt was indeed bad, but that it was Ryan who scared the hell out of her.
My sister once said that I was the brains of the family, but I have always contended that it was her, not me.

Thanks again for the podcast. It's raining here and that is cheerful in its own right, but the podcast kind of lifted it higher, especially the part about Reznor and Cruz...

-Doug in Oakland