Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Perhaps Now They Will

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dinthebeast said...

Governor hedgefund bites the dust, and Rodney Davis is down almost two to one with 29% reporting.

-Doug in Oakland

LibraryGuy said...

G'kar was so wise after all he went through. Thanks for sharing this.

Lit3Bolt said...

Will @therickwilson and @radiofreetom admit that #whitesupremacy is much stronger than they feared?

Of course not.

Will @maxboot and @davidfrum and @JRubinblogger admit that they have fellated and supported a beast that cannot be contained?

Of course not.

Will @billkristol and @sullyview and @DavidAFrench and @roddreher admit that supporting #whitesupremacy was a moral catastrophe?

Of course not.

Will @gglenwald and @ericgarland admit they are front men for the mafia?

Of course not.

My advice for patriots is to activate exfil plans. Marry a nice Australian or Canadian and hope for the best.

This is white country. And there is no hope for anything different. Guns and babies will be the message forever.