Monday, November 05, 2018

Gone Canvassin'

Back from a quick trip West to visit family and back to canvassing for Democratic candidates in my district, so posting will be light for the next little while, and "Thank You" notes to all of you who were kind enough to support my birthday fundraiser are running behind.

So what else is new, right?

Above is a snapshot from one of the many neighborhoods I've walked in the last few month.  It struck me as equal parts sad and hopeful, which is how I feel pretty much every day.  You too, I'm guessing.

And for those few who have asked, this is the legroom situation pretty much every time I fly anywhere, and its very best.  Seats upright and me scooched as far back as I can.

I try for the few seats with a couple of extra inches, and sometimes succeed, but usually not, which is why I don't fly very much anymore.  It's painful, and dammit I need my legs in good working order to canvass!

Now get out there and get 'em to the polls.

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1 comment:

Robt said...

Sort of like the political version of Halloween Trick or Treating.

Be careful out there on the canvass caravan,

Know that Jason is only about on Friday the 13th. On the other hand, Freddy Kruger is active.

Seen the house in your photo on "Walking Dead". I;m positive. So knock loud, If a moaning growling Zombie comes to the door and begins salivating to eat your brains. Believe them. I mean, ask yourself, what would Rick, Mishone, Darryl or Carol do?

The thought of knocking on a door that is playing Bill O Reilly's podcast loud enough to hear . Not only anywhere in the house, but in the backyard to the front sidewalk. Would it be appropriate to recommend exempting approach to get out this voter?
As a veteran. I would like to turn this around for once.

As you go out, getting out the vote. Thanks for "Your" service.