Wednesday, November 07, 2018

#ElectionResults2018 Prove Once Again What We Have Always Known

Nothing terrifies Republicans more than the thought of free, fair, issue-based elections.

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trgahan said...

Democrats took the House working under the Republican's 2010 electoral district map. If there was one thing their Gerrymandering was supposed to prevent, it was what happened in "fly over" country last night.

"Trump Country" (TM) is looking much smaller and more artificial this morning than it has in a long while.

Also, if elections didn't matter, why do Republicans spend so much time and money rigging them? Voter suppression saved Republican Governor races in Georgia and Florida, maybe that Texas Senate seat too; however the media will likely never look into stuff like that cause that would be rude.

Robt said...

Reporting into the Cornfield Resistance Headquarters.
Battle lines gains, Send Gen. Sherman and his men to tear through the south, (again).

Never want to hear "term limits" out of the mouths of any GOP religious fascist again. They only raise this when Dems are holding power.

Now it is time for all the talking heads to provide the deep sincere advise that the House Democrats need to be restrained and not over reach.

See McConnell tell us how his extreme partisanship did't give the wealthy what they wanted while their media injects the reality TV imagery Chapter and verse of Orwell's 1984., All is well". Rotted food is nutritious.

Did not flip my House Rep to blue. But at least he is not in the majority. Let me see him now make those long toilet plugging turd statements about working across the aisle.
Wish the Senate outcome was different. Keep in mind, The Senate is going to really need the House and it's appropriations of funding. The House can use the oversight duty now. Which means, if the GOP senate continues to sit propped up on Trump's stick up their asses like Popsicle.. The house can turn up the thermostat..

Marc McKenzie said...

"Also, if elections didn't matter, why do Republicans spend so much time and money rigging them?"

Good point, trgahan--and it's what I want to ask all of those purists who insist that voting doesn't matter, that they're not going to vote for the "lesser of two evils", or worse, that not voting is an act of "civil disobedience" (yeah, fuck you, Michael Moore, for saying that shit).

Voting has always mattered--and the GOP has made it clear for years that they do not want certain people voting. They've acted on that, and now it's time that the media say something about it and we push back against it--hard.