Wednesday, October 10, 2018

USA TODAY Announces New Color-Coded Newspaper Section For The Democracy-Impaired

From Brother Charlie Pierce:
Congratulations, USA Today, You're Now a Propaganda Organ of the Trump Administration

Hopefully it was worth it for the clicks.

There seems little question now that we were all better off when USA Today was running psychedelic weather charts, Larry King's bon mots, and pie charts showing that we're eating more asparagus than our grandparents did. All of those things were infinitely preferable to the farrago of obvious and painful lies published under the name of the president* on Wednesday. Congratulations to Our Nation's Newspaper. You are now a propaganda organ. 
I'm going with the Balloon Juice post that includes the text of this ludicrous sludge bucket because I don't want to give USAT any clicks on it, either. This is my favorite long-debunked lie..

Nothing more to add, really, except to wag my finger in a snippy, moralizing way and ,mindlessly complain that it is such a damn shame that Both Sides yadda yadda while I wait for my job offer from The Daily Caller or the National Review or The Washington Post or The New York Times or USA TODAY to arrive.

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keith gargus said...

Marmalade Mussolini pinched a Gohmert-class loaf with this screed.

Robt said...

Had to come back this post over the color coding.

Using the colors. Of Fruits and vegetables T dress up something in a sharp snappy sassy way.

What does it tell you???

Allow this scene (clip) of "Zorro the Gay Blade" explain what the USA Today is trying to tell you.