Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Today In Both Sides Do It: There Is No Greater Hero Than Matt Lewis, You Radical Libtard Fucks

There are so many terrible people in the media inexplicably clogging up our public dialogue with stupid that sometimes hind-teat wingnut runts like Matt Lewis need to jump up and down, wave their hands and yell "Look at meeeeee!" to get any attention.

Yes, for over 800 years, immortal hero and bon vivant Matthew Juxtapose Lewis has been using his bilateral symmetry powers to fight against the scourge of civilization called "Trumpism".

Obviously he failed miserably. So why oh why won't America's filthy Libtards join him in his quest to make sure that Republicans get to play by an entirely different set of rules and expectation than the Democrats?

Because that's just what Libtards do!

As a reminder, back when Donald J. Trump was just a twinkle in the bloodshot eye of every bigot and imbecile in Mr. Lewis' Republican Party, Mr. Lewis was frantically trying to set the terms for this "debate".  Fun Fact:  This is also one of the many times where I have accidentally shows up Zelig-like in a wingnut publication.

From Mr. Lewis in December of 2015, bookpimping in The Daily Worker Caller:


Recently, I’ve noticed a concerning liberal meme that goes like this: Donald Trump is the culmination of conservatism’s last forty years.

In other words, we were asking for it…and now, the chickens have come home to roost...

Trump is not a conservative, although his perverted version of conservatism currently represents a very vocal minority of the GOP base.

First (and I got some mild pushback on Twitter for suggesting this), the liberal media and President Obama’s disastrous presidency are part of the story. Liberals aren’t responsible for the Republican base’s decisions, but if the goal is to understand this phenomenon, it’s fair to point out some of what we are witnessing is a backlash. This is a scary time, both domestically and internationally, and people want to find a strongman to fix the chaos that weak men have created.

But I want to get back to where we began, which is with the notion that Trump-ism is somehow the inexorable denouement of conservatism’s historical arc. If liberals can get this notion to stick, then they will have discredited the Reagan era, which brought us an unparalleled time of peace and prosperity.

Some of the people pushing this narrative have ulterior motives; others are frankly just sincerely (mis)guided by a liberal worldview...
This was, you may remember, part of a much larger paternity fight over America's most famous political bastard.

Here we find Matt Lewis in July of 2015 -- weeping, wandering, bereft -- begging Republican Jebus to explain why Mommy Conservative and Daddy Conservative won't stop the mean crazy orange man from shitting over his beloved True Conservatism.  (Spoiler: Mommy Conservative and Daddy Conservative never loved you, Matt.  They just loved your Useful Idiocy.)

Then, in August of this year, we found Mr. Lewis -- America's favorite 800 year old bilaterally symmetrical Conservative hero and bon vivant -- and sloooooowly figuring out that maybe it was actually precious, precious Matthew Juxtapose Lewis who was the Marilyn Munster of the wingnut family all along.
Did I Join a Movement That Naturally Attracts Extremists and Kooks?

When I rooted for Reagan in the 1980s, it was a movement with intellectual heft. Back then, I thought that was the new conservative normal. But what if it was an aberration?
Yikes!  If only there had been some kind of warning!

Behold Matthew Lewis: a very stupid man in ideological free-fall.  A fool who (as the kids used to say) has been thoroughly greased, fleeced and decreased by his bullshit "movement" and who -- like virtually every other Never Trump Republican plummeting along the very same arc towards the same very pointy rocks -- is now desperate to find some way to avoid being pulped to jelly on impact.

And so we end where we began.  With Mr. Lewis frantically trying to disperse the blame far enough and wide enough that no one will notice that he is a chump who has never had the slightest idea what he was talking about.

But we notice, Matt.

We notice.

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Pagan in repose said...

I hadn't heard of @mattklewlis (see what I did there, I'm a funny guy) before, lucky me.

I was duly entertained with the " was a movement with intellectual heft" comment.

Potential book titles for @mattklewlis: "The heft of Reagan" or "The Reagan heft" or "The days of heft and Reaganism". Add another 't' as required.

Thanks Driftglass.

Robt said...

I haven't rally heard of mark Lewis, specifically. But he is one of a multitude of West Nile virus carrying mosquitoes hovering over the breeding pond that used to be considered just right of the center.
but always drifting farther right. If people like Lewis had noticed it kept taking longer to travel from the center to that pond at the right of center.

As a fully adult mosquito now, passing on the West Nile virus is so naturally part of him that he is not aware of it anymore. He has heard of the virus and what it causes. He has heard of the opposing forces to contain the virus by mosquito abatement actions.

Actions he involuntarily opposes because the virus he carries and the ills it spreads is not his fault in his natural environment.

He assures himself that in nature, his Mother Nature's God given right to spread West Nile virus should not be infringed. He has a one way direction of what freedom travels. Always outward from him. Piercing the skin of another is not trespassing when he is doing the piercing of another skin and they will be harmed not with just the irritating itch, passing on his gift of nature with West Nile no matter the the harm to other. He is a carrier. Not a victim infected with ills.

He knows he has enemies. Enemies that exist in nature as he does. It is his enemies that need to be disposed of. The surface eating Muslim minnows, Science discoveries of pesticides, Liberal Mosquito Hawks and Satan's Democratic lack of water to reproduce.

When his own existence is threatened. Evolving enough to discard his Vector disease West Nile Virus to co exist inflicting less harm , His right to infringe is imperative to his survival, or so he belief convinces him as long as he has reinforcing justifications.

Now I realize this is derived out of my Entomology and Pest control background as strained analogy.

Lewis should first sit down with the Hewitt and the Sykes and discuss life jackets of unworthiness at the CPAC conventions. Then move onward to Jennifer Rubin, Steve Schmidt. After this eye opening procedures, perhaps his improved vision will allow for him to stand out side of the Death camp fence and see the is taking place, Only then, will he be faced with a true decision of what side of that death camp fence does he choose to stand.

Do not end in the " No win scenario choice of being the one toss in the oven or the one doing the tossing.
Hey DG,

Appreciate you introducing me to Lewis. Sometime I need to find a way to repay your generosity and unselfishness.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Sometime I need to find a way to repay your generosity and unselfishness.

Spider Jerusalem assures me that a turd in the bed is a sign of love in some cultures, most of which he personally invented in order to be able to justify leaving such signs of love in the beds of his filthy assistants.

Unknown said...

....and sloooooowly figuring out that maybe it was actually precious, precious Matthew Juxtapose Lewis who was the Marilyn Munster of the wingnut family all along.

Wow, this is getting serious. Stay out of the way of the Third Way stampede!

Davis Statton said...

Lie #1: Unparalleled peace and prosperity occurred during the Clinton Administration, not Reagan's.

Lie #2: Trump's "base" is not a minority of the Republican Party.